05 March 2006

Top Ten Signs Of Blogging Addiction

A couple of people I know who've been following my blog silently, asked me out for a drink recently. These are folks who actually know me, who read my blog but hardly ever comment.

We had a jolly good time - talked about how work sucks - incredible how everyone's job sucks. Talked about how the petrol price increase is gonna hurt us all. Talked about our vacation plans - and how they might not materialize because of financial realities. And - this pissed me off - talked about my so-called 'addiction' to blogging.

For people who don't blog, it's probably very hard to understand how much time is spent on a single blog entry. Bugger, there's brain juice getting squeezed every time I blog, ok? But I'm not addicted to blogging.

It's crap !!! I'm not addicted to blogging. Blogging is a way to release the stress of my daily existance. If one day, I were to find a better stress release mechanism, guess what? I might drop blogging.

Then after I convinced them I have a life, these buggers tried to convince me I'm addicted to the Internet. I'm so NOT addicted, ok fellas? Gimme your blog URL ... NOW ... I so wanna flame you guys !!

Anyways, just for you guys, here are the Top Ten Signs Of Blogging Addiction, just so you can make a checklist and see for yourself that Moz is NOT addicted to blogging. Also act as checklist for Top Ten Signs Of Internet Addiction

  • The standard introduction line goes like ... "Hi, I'm http://mozillamonster.blogspot.com, how do you do ?"
  • That girl Moz is dating? He found her on eBay !!!
  • When told a funny joke, instead of laughing (like "Wakakakakakaka!!!"), you go "LOL!! ROTFL !!" instead. LOL.
  • Instead of asking for phone numbers, asks for blog URLs from members of the opposite sex.
  • Carries a camera everywhere just in case something interesting happens. Then takes picture of everything just in case you need some ideas for a blog.
  • Refuses to be friends with you because you don't have Yahoo! Messenger.
  • The doctor tells you you've developed Keyboard rashes.
  • The last time you left your computer, MAS was still making profits.
  • Your mum has to page your Yahoo! Messenger whenever she wants to tell you dinner is ready.
  • Everytime there is a difficult problem facing you, you ask yourself: "What would Kenny Sia do in the same situation?"
Ok people ... see? See? Moz is not addicted to blogging. Moz is not addicted to Internet. OK ?


Kenny Lee said...

oh shit, I have keyboard rashes!!!

moz monster said...

kenny: you're addicted then ...

julie said...

ho.. this is funni.. i m 1/10 addicted then.. my digicam! o_O

HAPPY IQ said...

Shit i think im addicted ledi...

cheng sim said...

hahaha. you're not addicted but i am! hehehe. yeah, bloggers bring their camera where ever they went and i usually get the occasional weird glares from people when i took pictures of the food i ate. sigh. the society don't understand bloggers thus, they think we're weird. hehe.

moz monster said...

julie: I have to admit I do take the camera out more often than most people do. I'm 10% addicted too.

happy iq: which one you kena?

cheng sim: =) you know you're addicted when you start snapping away at the toilets you go to. you're not so addicted yet, maybe a mild addiction.