04 March 2006

They can't bomb Bali away

Ok ... time to put words to action. One of the first goals I had when I migrated over to blogger was to move my Bali blogs over here.

However, seeing how good I actually am with laying out photoblogs, a cut and paste approach from my older blog will NOT work. You guys will stop reading this entry after I dunno ... er, say, 10 seconds? The truth is that it's toooooo many photos I have to fit into a single page.

So I'm guess I really should just do this up a little like a photo album style. I'm hoping this will make it more presentable and bearable to those who've been complaining about the loads of stuff they've had to bloody load from my photoblogs.

Another driver was the fact that Bali had been bombed a second time after my last trip, and what hit me was that one of the places I dined at was a target. How does that place and its activity relate to whatever fight these terrorists have is beyond me, it's an eating place serving FOOD. It wasn't even a disco - not that I thought there is a valid excuse to bomb anyplace at all in the first place.

Jimbaran, where I had seafood dinner overlooking a setting sun, was bombed in the recent attacks. There was nothing to bomb except diners enjoying a sunset. Woi?! Ada otak ke terrorists ni ?

Mouse over picture to read description, click to view more eye friendly size picture =) Since this is a new format, I have no idea if it'll work for you - comments are most welcome !

Saphir Mabisa Inn Moz !!! My FOOD !!! Dinner @ Jimbaran

Sunset over Jimbaran - got a front row table overlooking the setting sun =) Nighfall @ Jimbaran Guardian @ Goa Gajah Goa Gajah

Spring water pool @ Goa Gajah Thousand Year Old Banyan Wayan Baskets @ Ubud

Arts Market @ Ubud Canang Arts, arts, arts Silver too

Tegalallang Lunch Mt. Batur is ACTIVE volcano - refer to scorched earth in pic Mt. Batur, Take 2

Besakih's Mother Temple Besakih They descend !! Fat, Thin, Tall, Short

Mt. Agung Stone Guardian Palace of Justice Kecak Dance

Kulkul Floating Palace at Mengwi is a former royal temple Umbrellas Floating temple again

Floating temples Market Rice terraces Rice stalks

Tanah Lot Waiting for sunset Still waiting for sunset Still waiting for sunset

Oh. Ok. Sunset Relax Relax Don't swim here.

Surf's Up No kidding !! Can you see me ? Surf's Up, dude

Curtain Call Bye !!!

You know, goodbye at Bali is often not forever. I have every intention of going back this year - even with the increased cost of living now. It's hard to believe such a place exists - a nice convergence of people, religion, culture, nature and California living.


pelf said...

An alternative way is to use Shutterfly. You may provide a link from your blog post to the specifc album, and your readers can view the photos either one by one or as a slidewhow.

Note: Shutterfly pictures are more eye-friendly, I reckon! *winks*

moz monster said...

pelf: Thanks. I'll check 'em out =)

cheng sim said...

ehem. use Multiply oso can. use Flickr oso can.
sobs. i wanna go to Bali.

moz monster said...

cheng sim: I'm sure you'll have your trip there sometime =)