18 March 2006

Top Ten Rejected Ideas to Spend RM4.4b

RM4.4b is a lot of money to save, spend or waste. Hell, if someone gave me 4.4 billion pieces of RM1 note, I'd probably take forever to count it (picture Scrooge McDuck jumping into a sea of cash).

If someone handed me RM4.4b, what I'd probably do would be to change it all into 10 cent coins, keep it for a week or two, then convert it all into RM1 notes, then keep it for another few weeks, then convert it into RM5 notes. I'd really like to see how much room all that money really needs.

Anyways, while our government has already pledged to create a trust fund to place the RM4.4b savings and channel it into public transportation, which is a pretty smart thing to do (whether they were sincerely wanting to use this money to improve public transportation or not in the first place is another issue), most probably didn't realise that some very bad ideas on how to spend it had been brought up before ... here are just the Top Ten Rejected Ideas to Spend RM4.4b ...

  • RM4.4b should be enough money to create an exclusive city for politicians called Bolehjaya.
  • Well, surely the money could be spent subsidising all the overseas lawatan sambil belajar trips. Right?
  • Let's use the money to buy up all the chicken, duck and poultry in the country to totally prevent bird flu from happening.
  • Invest heavily in R&D to help Proton overcome power window failure and breakage problems.
  • Free 100 Plus, Teh Tarik and Kopi O at all the LRT stations for the next 10 years to attract more public transportati ... wait a bit ... this isn't such a bad idea, right people?
  • Great!! Now we have money to dress all the policeman and policewoman in Italian suits !
  • "Itu 4 billion ringgit, saya cadangkan jugalah supaya kita boleh guna untuk binakan plaza plaza tol dirata-rata tempat juga. Sekarang, kita mana-mana pun boleh letak itu tol juga" - You-Know-Who (He Who Loves Tolls)
  • Free Lionel Richie concert tickets for every Malaysian - I mean do you guys actually know how expensive one of those tickets are?
  • Remember the Lebanese 'billionaire' Najim? He desperately needs a loan to pay the USD 1b pledge to the National Cancer Foundation.
  • Starting from 2007, all teh tarik will enjoy a 30 sen subsidy per glass.
Who really comes up with ideas like these anyway? Some of them are downright absurd ... but I don't mind subsidised teh tarik, though.

Thank everything good in life the ideas were all thrown out.


angel said...

LOL LMAO!! esp. @ # 3, 4, & 7 :P

What about Your ideas? The accepted one(s) of course...

pelf said...

POWER WINDOW FAILURE? Beli-la Kancil, I've never had that problem. *touch wood*

moz monster said...


Suddenly thought of one ...

Let's build 6 or 7 funny .. um ... I mean, scenic bridges from JB and hope Singapore will connect to one of 'em

moz monster said...

angel: Hehe ... I'm planning a sequel ... watch this blog ... =)

pelf: You wait la ... when you migrate to Kelumpo to work, then you have to pay toll everyday, ha ... then you know ...