23 January 2006

Just who the heck are you, Moz?

Ever since I started blogging some time back, I realised reading my own blogs that I don't quite know who I am. Maybe its because I wear many hats, and learn to fit into different situation. Maybe it's because I am anyone to everyone. Maybe because I'm confused. Heck, I don't really know.

I can't tell you who I am because, like most people, I am biased towards, and in the same breath, against myself. I have traits I probably don't see and I probably deny certain bad habits attributed to me. You'll have to ask my family and friends just who the heck am I ...

But here's somethings you should know about me ... in an exclusive interview ...

Who are you?
I'm a Malaysian who's been travelling quite a bit the last 5 years of his life. I've been working now for nearly 8 years now. Oh, I'm 29, going on 30. And I'm dreading the big 3-0. I'm normal - I work during the day, refuse to sleep during the night. On weekends, I have nothing to do, on weekdays I fantasize about what I'd do during the weekends.

Why call yourself Moz? Why not give out your actual name?
If you're attentive, you'd probably find my real name somewhere. I previously blogged using my real name, but later, I felt it was probably not such a good idea because I'm actually working, and some of my blogs do touch on subjects that might be a little sensitive to my work. So I've stopped blogging on my first blog, and now I'm full time here.

Ok, so why the nickname Mozilla Monster?
In my previous job, my company was a Netscape implementor/reseller. I was implementing Netscape stuff all over the place. The Mozilla Monster was Netscape's mascot, thus my nick. I'm passionate about Netscape, and I still miss the ol' place - we were all a bunch of young, energetic people who worked off each other's energy and enthusiam. That's why most of my friends today are folks from the old place.

Ok. You sure you have a day job?
I have a house and a car to pay for. Google AdSense don't pay no bills, so yes, I do have a day job. And I intend to keep it. Maybe if I get an earth shattering offer from another company, I'll move. But yes, I'll still work.

Where did that 'what talk you?' come from?
Direct translation of "Lu cakap apa?" or "Kong Meh, lei?" - the Malay and Cantonese equivalent of "What are you saying?", I guess. It's a term some of my colleagues would identify with, since that's where I got it from, at work. People there always poke fun at me for my ang moh accent I can turn on whenever I speak with my counterparts from US. Whenever I speak in ang moh accent to them, they just use "What talk you?" to shut me up.

Surely you can't be just blogging in your free time, right?
Right. I eat, sleep and watch TV too. LOL. Actually, I play a bit of golf, and I also love to take photographs with my trusty Nikon Coolpix 8700. Every once in a while, when the bank account looks healthy and my manager thinks I'm too stressed out, I make the odd trips to destinations I dream off.

No kidding. Where do you go for your holidays?
Believe it or not, while I've been to every continent except Africa (and Antartica if you want to be anal about things like these), I've only had a single overseas trip for my holiday that wasn't an extension of my work assignments. That was Bali last year. I've been to places in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, US of A, India, Philippines, Singapore, France and UK. All for work, except Bali. Sheesh.

Back home, I've visited every state except Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu. I know that's a bit embarassing, which is why I plan to rectify that very soon. I have 40+ days of leave to burn this year, thanks to some new draconian HR policy.

So I heard you spent a lot of time overseas.
Oh yeah. One year into my first job, I was sent to Taipei for almost a whole year. That's when I was caught in the Sept 21 1999 earthquake that devastated much of the country. In 2000, I joined my current company. They told me I am supposed to be looking after Malaysia. Guess what? I've been everywhere but home since. The last time I renewed my passport, the officer asked me in jest if I still want to keep my Malaysian citizenship.

That's sad.
Uh huh. I'd agree.

So, what's the last assignment?
Bangkok. Spent just about 13 months there, doing firstly out largest project ever in this region. Then I got a small project just before I came home. 13 months in Bangkok was a smash in terms of career development and also in terms of the personal fun I've had.

Personal fun? Bangkok? I'm joining the dots here, you know ..
If you're thinking what I'm thinking you're thinking, stop. As a golf fan, Bangkok is godsent. As a photography fan, Bangkok is full of subjects. The people are so nice and lovely, the food is amazing, there is an outstanding club scene, I have a 20 minute, jam free commute to work (via the Bangkok sky train). What's there not to like about Bangkok?

OK. I stand corrected. What about the other places, what's you favorite places?
I've always found something fascinating in even the most depressing places I've ended up in. The fact is that if the place is nice, I tell myself I'm a lucky bastard I'm able to see the sights, and to be thankful. If the place is downright depressing, I tell myself I'm a lucky bastard I'm not actually living there, and to be thankful.

See, it's actually all ok, if you put a positive spin on things.

Surely you must have favorites.
Ok, I absolutely loved Bangkok, the reasons I've stated earlier. I like Singapore because it's mega convenient, but it's a little drab and everyone looks like the other - there's little originality. I absolutely love France despite the people's ability to be so rude they put some Malaysians to shame. It's just a beautiful place. If I take a girl there for a holiday, I tell you, I'm getting serious with her.

Enough with the geography. What are your sources of entertainment?
Plenty. I like to read blogs, I absolutely love David Letterman, where my top ten draws from. I enjoy Whose Line Is It Anyway? And I'm into most sports show, like many full blooded Malaysian males.

What's your goals?
In the long term, I'd like to retire early, probably by 45. Then I can put time into things that I really care about.

In the short term, I'd like to stop procrastinating, and visit Tibet. And get more sleep.

Tibet? Hmm ... you mentioned you wanted to retire early to work on things that matter to you. Like what?
Environmental issues. I'm dead serious about the topic of conservation. Poverty eradication and equal education opportunity. The gap between rich and poor keeps increasing - it's going to take a lot of effort to bridge that. I know it sounds cheesy, you'll just have to take my word for it.

What are you like in real person? How would you describe yourself?
Personally, I think I'm a little shy. I have an air of confidence that sometimes rear its ugly head and make me arrogant, I can really intimidate in conversations, and I take a while to warm up to people. The last part's because I have been duped a bit too much in my younger days, so I treat people I just know as guilty until proven innocent, if you get what I mean. I think that' the traits of a person born in the year of the dragon, like me.

Are you straight? I mean as in straight vs gay.
I thought that's a no brainer. I love women. The problem is they don't find that attraction mutual. Maybe because I'm not very chatty before I really know someone. All my ex were first friends. I can't go into a disco, and pick up a girl. It's just not me, and really, even if it is, I look in the mirror every morning. I don't think I'll pull it off.

Name me 3 things you can't live without.
Oxygen, water and food ... ?

Besides that?
My iPod mini, my car and a very fat bank account. I don't have that very fat bank account part, but I'd really like to.

Seriously, nothing much. I'd lived my existance in places where very little is needed to keep me going. Just the thought that I can maybe see a sunset the next day has been known to keep me going.

Ok. What do you hate most?
Parents who go about shouting and scolding their children in the public. I always thought that's disrepectful at the children, and it's not good for their confidence too.

I dislike politics, but I can play that game when I get sucked into it. I'm working for an MNC, for heaven's sake.

Last thing I dislike are men who treat their woman badly. No kidding - I simply think that's wrong. And the other way too. I'm an equal opportunity fella.

Now, your favorite food.
Look at me and my big belly. I love to eat so many things, maybe I should just let you know what I don't eat. I don't take beef, I normally avoid lamb and I don't eat much fish. I absolutely love my oranges, my durian and raisins. I eat at least 2 oranges daily. While my appearance might suggest otherwise, I actually love veggies.

You drink? What's your favorite?
You should look at my private stash in my wardrobe ... actually, I've stopped drinking. One time in Bangkok, I was so stoned I threw up all the way home, so says my drink buddies. I honestly remember little, just the first throw up. I had a whole bottle of Glenfiddich to myself in 1.5 hours. After that, I just stopped. I still keep a whole lot of vodka in my wardrobe, but at the going rate, I'll need another 4-5 years to finish 'em all.

What about your favorite movies.
I don't watch many movies since I work long hours, and I haven't been up to date on the latest Hollywood shows, so my favorites are older movies. I absolutely loved Forest Gump. And on the Hong Kong side, I like Storm Riders. I don't care if you call me Ah Beng.

Your favorite songs?
I'm probably going to surprise many when I say all my favorite songs are in fact Chinese songs and 2 Thai songs. Most Jacky Cheung songs make it to my faborite list, and I love a few from Julian Cheung Chilam as well. Lately I have been getting into Jay Chou music too. From Thailand, Thongchai McIntyre's "My Love oh La Nor" and Seenahoy's "Aep Ngao" are my favorites. You'd probably find the Thai selections strange - I just love them, no reason why. For Western music, I'm really not into that thing, really.

And finally, what are your plans for the blog?
Nothing specific. Just keep blogging as long as it takes my mind away from work and gives me something to do in the spare times I do find. I hope to make some friends thru blogging and hear comments from readers. One day, I hope to wake up and see 1000 visitors in the same day ... then I can die happy - not. Just to keep blogging as long as I have something to write about.


pelf said...

Wei you should come to Terengganu (because I'm still here), hahhah :) And yes, I like Chilam too! :)

pelf said...

Since you said "I'd lived my existance in places where very little is needed to keep me going. Just the thought that I can maybe see a sunset the next day has been known to keep me going", why not join our Volunteer Programme?

moz monster said...

pelf, I'll do that one of these days. How's Tanjong Djara Resort? I've always felt like going there, or Awana Kijal?

moz monster said...

Haha, pelf ... once I'm done with my current work in China, I might actually consider that. I'm packed till early April, travelling all over China and Taiwan in Feb and March ...

pelf said...

Usually people visit KT to go to the islands (Redang or Perhentian or Lang Tengah or Tenggol, depending on the purpose of visit). That explains whay I've never been to both Tanjung Jara and Awana Kijal. But I heard Awana Kijal is like heaven (also, depending on how you imagine la) :)

moz monster said...

pelf, I might just do Pulau Lang sometime, depends on the timing. Awana Kijal is because they have golf there :). I'll buzz u if I do go.

angel said...

Oi...i thought u had the intention to blog anonymously bcos of yr work and all but now u are slowly revealing yrself...like peeling the clothing...piece by piece...


pelf said...

"... peeling the clothing piece by piece.." <-- THAT serious meh? Hhahah, maybe you'd want to wear a SPIDERMAN mask if we meet. IF :)

angel said...

Huh??? U toking to me, pelf?

*scratching head*

moz monster said...

angel, meet pelf. pelf, meet angel.

angel, Last time i peeled clothing off piece by piece, I was threatened with the ISA. I have since resorted to peeling onions instead ... and I have not let the cat out of the bag yet, have I? :P

Anonymous said...

Aep Ngao sounds good. You have any idea what's it all about?

moz monster said...

anonymous ... follow ... and you shall find the meaning!! It's pretty nice, really.

Winn said...

meow! i wanted to make a comment but by the end i finished reading i FORGOT !!!! you are too humble liao you shut me up :

re the 'peel-off part'...hmmm nice 'package'. hehhehehe!;p