31 January 2006

I experienced orgasm ...

Once all those were over ... relief ...

The open house is no more.

Notes to self:

  • Do not ever invite guests to arrive early. What happen if they do just that?
  • Do not ever tell the caterer to arrive on time. What happen if they don't arrive on time?
  • Don't let dad organize open house again ever. (Coz he tells guests to come early, but the caterer to take his time)
  • If angpow given exceeds RM5, attempt to answer questions about marital status with witty response, or simply dodge by turning the conversation to the incredibly delicious chicken curry.
  • If angpow given is less than a paltry RM5, pretend to be rushing over to help mum deliver the new kittens. How would they know we don't have pets?
  • Next time, don't need to draw nice maps on VISIO and email/fax/post to guests. Not like they know how to use them. Just direct them to a petrol station along a major highway. I'll pick them up. Even if that petrol station is in Perlis or Johor.
  • Patience ... you can't choose your relatives.
  • Patience ... you have a choice of who you consider as friends
  • Don't let dad be in charge of buying ice. Global warming is now delayed thanks to the amount of ice unleashed today. And I heard someone might sue because their darling son chewed on frozen Coke(tm).
  • Had so much fun I'll do it again next year !!!
  • If you, dear reader, have no relations with me, will swear not to question my marital status, you're invited !!


narrowband said...

LOL@'..will swear not to question my marital status..'

eyeris said...

whee! got invite to open house! :D

moz monster said...

eyeris, ur invited. narrowband, feel my pain ...

Lori said...

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