17 January 2006

Leave me out of this ...

I got some unexpected hate comments on my blog, and I've traced it back to me leaving a comment on Kimberlycun's blog ...

Lemme say this, I'm not pro-anyone, or anti-anyone either. As a free person, I surf around and read blogs as I wish. I leave comments on blogs that I identify with, or when I want to express something. With one exception - I left a hate comment back at the hate commentators' crappy site - I've never left any hate comments.

I don't understand what my blog has to do with Kim's ... I'm not affliated, I don't even post her link, and I don't write pro-Kim articles too. So leave me alone ... let me write my blog ... if you don't like what I write, leave a comment about the contents. If you some issues with Kim, get help, talk to her, confront her, whatever, but leave me out of it. If you're beyond help, well ... you're probably beyond help anyways.

Get yourself a life before it's too late.

Don't tell me which website I can visit, and which I can't. I'm pretty capable of making those decisions on my own.

I really don't want to say more about this. I'm turning comments off for this article only, since this is all I have to say about this topic.