07 January 2006

I think XiaXue should just quit

Sometimes, there are some things that compel one to stand up and speak out. I have always been a silent observer of the blogging world, usually reading a few blogs daily, and simply absorbing all that is happening around. I simply blog to express myself and to record my thoughts.

However, every so often, there are people who shoot themselves in the foot. While these happen all the time (that’s why there are editors), and people tend to forget these incidents quickly enough, it’s not often that you get to see the spectacle of a repeat offender.

One of the few blogs that I read when I first started discovering the world of blogging around me was Xia Xue’s blog. It made interesting read in the beginning. I mean, here’s a person who’s unashamedly brash, narcissist and writes her mind.

Well, then her blog about her Malaysia trip appeared. Which was fine with me, altought I disliked her choice of words and her insinuation that Malaysians are generally low-life. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What really got me ticking was the fact that she made a huge deal out of people not agreeing with her. It’s like she defends her right vigorously to blog what she likes, but bludgeons the rest of the blogging world for taking offense to her blog. Do I smell double standards there?

I just resolved to stop reading her blog. I didn’t want to be one of those people who she claimed to be “Everyone”, as in “Everyone’s Reading It” – her blog’s tagline. That was my silent protest over her blog, which in my mind, was thoughtless and displayed poor taste and tack.

Then, this entry about handicapped toilet appeared. I have already stopped reading her blogs, but the fallout from the handicapped washroom blog was massive, and I couldn’t help but take a peek.

At that time, I thought again that the entry was of poor taste, displayed very little tack and was indication of a person who lacks responsible thoughts. Clearly, she needed an editor. Fast. Oh, and to grow up too.

I could not stick to my resolve to not read her entries, as I again took a peek when allegations that she was racist surfaced. OMG!! I had an impression that she is lacking in tack and unashamedly brash, but her being a racist was totally unexpected!!

By the time I read the offending entry, if accounts around the blogosphere happens to be true, XX had already edited the entry to pad her words and polish off some of the harshness. I did chance upon what was claimed to be a screen capture of the original entry. My Goodness !!!

If the screen capture is indeed true, it is a very poor reflection of XX’s thoughts and shows clearly how little respect she has for others. And on top of that, she probably moderated the comments to portray a positive response to her blog.

Again, while I believe she is entitled to her opinion, I happen to also believe that some tack and probably less generalization will benefit her immensely. And she should have enough guts to stand up to the criticsm. If you want the bouquets, you must be handle the brickbats when they come your way, XX. And if you don’t know it – that’s our opinion and voice you’re shutting out. Double standards, again?

The blog does carry some racial tones and accusations, not to mention generalization. It demonstrated to me that she is the center of her world, and in her narrow mind, only she can do no wrong.

While it is true some foreign workers do commit crime, statistics will show that even more locals are guilty of crime (this is irrespective of whichever country you are from). As for aerosol spray, there’s nothing wrong with them when used correctly. If you really think about it, when abused, even things like paper towels and disposable underwear can be harmful. (Sorry, couldn’t think of a better example)

I hope XX will just stop blogging for her own good if she keeps blogging stuff like these. Her fame has probably gone to her head, and it's probably good for her to think about her own actions and reflect on her ways. In a strange, ironic way, her offending blogs are just like the Internet equivalent of the aerosol foam spray she wants to ban ...

[Note: I did not put up any links on this blog consciously as my own way of protesting against XX's blogs. I don't want to generate more traffic to her site and bloat her already big head further ... but you guys are smart readers and you'd probably already know what I'm talking about ... ]

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