28 January 2006

Woo hoo !!! I'm Blogs Malaysia certified !!!

Wah lau ... recognition at last ... *tsk* *tsk* ... I noticed lately a teeny weeny surge in traffic from Blogs Malaysia via my Sitemeter (I don't have any traffic, remember?), so I decided to snoop and see what's up, since I haven't been pinging there lately (simply forgot).

Turns out that my blog on Chinese New Year Open House do's and don'ts have been picked up ... like ages ago, without me realising it.

Thank you, Thank you. I'd like to thank my parents, for their unconditional support, I'd like to thank my English teacher at school, Mrs. Gurusamy ... *perasan* ...

Just a word though, ... I think Blogs Malaysia ought to have a system whereby they notify the blogger mah ... leave a comment, flame the bugger, do something la .... so he doesn't get selected and dunno about it.

But still, I do not bite the hand that feeds me ... thanks to Eyeris for submitting my entry, thanks to the folks in Blogs Malaysia who approved it. View the Blogs Malaysia entry here.

A big angpow to all of you. Of course, I'm simply pledging the angpow first. Wait until I get married first la before you get the real deal.


Wingz said...

give address laaa if not how to go :P

The Great Swifty said...

Oh, I didn't know that there's actually a blogsmalaysia certified pic. Otherwise I would've plastered it on all my entries that were featured there. Hohoho. Congrats anyway.

eyeris said...

haha. it was an interesting read mar. so i submit lor

Wingz said...

Wish you Horse come job done!
Year Year Got Fish!
Gold Jade Full Hall!
Smile mouth always open
Step Step tall up!
Out In Safety!
Money Roll Roll Come!!!
Gong Xi Fah Chai !!

moz monster said...

wingz: *gasp* what is left for me to wish you? Year Born Expensive Son !! ... i am near the other petronas, the one at bandar kinrara.u coming, right?

eliar: thanks. aiyo ... u different ma ... little brother just startup blogger, need all the encouragement i can get ma ... u femes already ..

eyeris: thanks. if someday i win the booker prize, i'll quote u as my inspiration !! and of course, ang pow to u.

Anonymous said...

how come ur blogsmalaysia certified pic look like condom wrapping one ?

Anonymous said...

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