08 March 2012

Long time no see ...

I don't even know if anyone even drops by here anymore. I know I hardly do. But heck, nostalgia has a calming effect on me sometimes.

So, just for my own sake, here's my own rundown of my 2011.

In 2011, I made great strides in my professional career, and broke some of my own records - most air miles clocked ever being one. I continue to enjoy my flying days, and I continue to enjoy getting lost in different cities. But I think age is catching up on me.

2011 will be a year when I will look back and see entrepreneurship in myself, when I finally stepped out of shadows of my own making, and when I think I've started to self reflect, and introspect about myself. I think its a sign of aging, but I think it's a great thing to have.

2011 is when I learnt to abandon some of the cautions I've placed on my own life (funny that I only do that now when I consider myself aged), and when I think I've finally come to terms with who I really am. Again, signs of aging, perhaps?

It's now 3 months into 2012, and I look forward to this being another fabulous year! It's simply amazing what a little change in the self can do to your life! Hopefully, I can always maintain the self belief, and deliver to my own high expectations. You know, like many, I am my own worst critic, and in 2011, I've learnt to stop doing that a bit, and start cheering for myself sometimes too. This year, let's keep that going!

My 2012 is a mixed bag so far, but I'm not complaining. Life will always have ups and downs. And having some ups, and hopefully, less down, obviously makes things more interesting.