31 October 2007

Burping AGAIN in Tokyo

Since some of you had some not so nice words to say about my post on Midori Sushi in Tokyo, I flew in to Tokyo to eat there again, and took this picture.

Now you know what I'm talking about ...
See if you can spot anything in that picture you would normally find in Malaysia. This is the smaller sushi platter, there is a much bigger one that would have even more !

Now you know what I was talking about then ...

There's sea eel (not river eel), sea urchin, caviar with shrimp, octopus, cuttlefish, scallop, crabstick, fish and toro (fatty tuna) sushis. And of course, some tuna roll as well ...

27 October 2007

Now, where is Moz ?

Here's a hint ...

Not enough ? Here's one more.

Still not enough? Ok ... last one. If this one's not good enough, you really need help.

Autumn, again, like Beijing, is the best time to visit Shanghai. The weather in autumn is more conducive for touring about, while it's also the season for Shanghai Crabs !!!! =) ... and of course I had some !!!! super yummilicious !!! If you look closer, it's even got a little seal on it's claw - that carries a serial number, and a seal that it's the original Yangcheng Lake crabs, from Suzhou ! =)

21 October 2007

Guess where I was today ?

Here's a hint ...

Clearly, autumn is the best time to visit ... air is clean(er), sky is visible (and blue), and no sand storms from the Gobi desert. I like !

This section I visited today is the Mutianyu section, less crowded with visitors, and in a better state of conservation compared to the ones you'll find in Badaling.

A few more photos in my photoblog at http://mozphotos.blogspot.com.

18 October 2007

Tokyo: Hachiko advises the feuding doggies !

Today, I'll show you one of the must see sights of Tokyo - the Shibuya area.

Shibuya Commuter Train Station is the 3rd busiest train interchange in Tokyo, and it's one of the best shopping areas in Tokyo as well, more so if you are looking for Ah Beng and Ah Lian clothes, accessories, and to people watch. It's also where you'll find a very yummy sushi place called Midori (it's in Shibuya Mark City).

It's also where you find the world's busiest scrambe interchange ... scramble interchange meaning a street crossing where all the vehicle traffic is stopped for pedestrian crossing, resulting in a mad scramble across the street. When I visited it, it was on a public holiday, during non rush hour, and yet, it felt like half of the population of Tokyo was crossing the street as the same time as I was !

One of the other attractions in the Shibuya area is the statue of Hachiko. Hachiko is a Japanese dog who used to send off his master, a professor in a university in Tokyo, every morning at the door, and then wait for the master to return at the Shibuya station every evening.

One day, the master died of a heart attack at work, and never came home from work. However, Hachiko, the loyal doggie, waited for his master everyday in the evening for another 10 years, when he himself died and went to doggie heaven. *touched*

The local people were so touched, they erected a statue in honor of the loyal dog.

Today, the entrance to the Shibuya station where Hachiko used to wait for his master (and where the statue is), is called the Hachiko exit, and it is a favorite meeting point for Tokyo people.

Where the Hachiko statue stands today, ironically, is one of the most famous meeting points in Tokyo. It's a given that when you meet at Shibuya station or the area around it, you will meet up at the Hachiko statue.

When I was there in Shibuya, Hachiko recognised me, and told me to bring this important message to Liucas and Dom Dom :

"Make love, not war. It matters not who farted or who is hamsap". None will be even half as loyal as Hachiko, because I suspect the moment the master / mistress stop feeding Liucas & Dom Dom, they would just find a new master / mistress !

The greatest doggie of all time has spoken barked.

14 October 2007

The adrenaline is still rushing thru me ..

Just back from Tokyo. It's a wonderfully strange experience.

Met at least 200 people, collected at least 200 business cards, but shook only 3 or 4 hands. Apparently, Japanese don't really shake hands.

The fare for all the train rides I took from hotel to work is less than the ONE taxi ride fare I took from train station to hotel.

There are 17 train / subway lines in Tokyo, with at least 3 different types of ticketing systems ( JR, Tokyo Underground, Toei & private lines)

Shinjuku station handles an average of 3.6 million passengers per day !!!

At the famous Shibuya 6 way crossing, during peak hours, up to 5,000 people cross the streets during a single traffic stop.

Now I know why they serve you ginger when you order sushi. Guess why ?

A meal at lunch is around 1600 yen. That meal at dinner time is 6600 yen. *scratches head*

When they say there's a vending machine selling everything, they're right. When's the last time you bought insurance at a vending machine?

More doodles later ...

11 October 2007

Burping in Tokyo

Just a short update.

I have not made the trip to the revered Daiwa Sushi, supposed to be the mecca of all sushi eaters yet. This is the famous shop in the Tsukiji Market, where they hold daily tuna auctions (which is off limits to tourists like me anyways).

But today, I made the trip to Midori Sushi in Shibuya. Midori is an above average sushi place, not quite Daiwa's stature, but not bad at all. Everything is fresh, and the prices are good. And even at 9.30 pm when we left, there were still at least 10 people in the queue waiting to get into the place. We endured a 45 minute wait in a queue that was at least 30 long.

I ordered the dish pictured here. The 2940 yen one ... they changed some items to give us fresh buys. But it's .... delicious !

It's so good I think I can faint dramatically with pleasure ... it's ... yummylicious. There's fatty tuna sushi, shellfish sushi, octopus sushi, sea eel sushi, cuttlefish tentacle sushi, big shrimp sushi, crab leg sushi, abalone sushi, salmon egg roe sushi, uni sushi, fish roe on kelp sushi ...

If you guys don't see those sushi items most of the time in Malaysia, that's because salmon sushi is considered ... normal ... not outstanding. Try and order some fatty tuna sushi ... *burp* ...

No pictures =P ... just great memories.

07 October 2007

Yatttaaaa !!!

I was scared stiff before I came. Excited, sure, but scared stiff as well about visiting Tokyo.

It's one of those places which had this gigantic reputation that just made everything else before it look miniscule.

I'm too lazy to blog about everything that happened today, but I'd just like to share with you a couple of Tokyo facts.

The first two facts, I'll let the pictures explain. Japan is a contrast of ultra modern, and tradition preserved.

Walking along the Meiji-jingu shrine, this couple became the center of all the tourists' frenzied camera clicking during their shinto wedding ceremony and photoshoot.

And barely 10 minutes away from the shrine, just by the Harajuku station, I found the infamous Harajuku cosplay crowd. I can't say I'm a fan, but I admire them for their courage - or foolishness - it's a matter of perspective. Again, the tourists just went crazy !

The next one is that expensive it need not be. I spent only around 5000 yen today - all inclusive except the hotel, which the company is footing, and the airport limousine bus, which is 3000 yen. 5000 yen included lunch, all the transportation and drinks all day long. It took me from Meguro to Harajuku, then to Shinjuku, Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo, Ginza and back to Meguro. That's 5 more places than I thought I could reach with my budget ! 5000 yen is around RM150. It isn't all that bad. If you take away my higher end dinner, I just spent 2200 yen, around RM70 !

More to come later !

03 October 2007

Hait !

Konichiwa ! Wakarimasen!

Shinjuku !
Tsukiji Market ?
Akihabara !

Arigato ...

Roppongi desu ka ... ?
Akasaka? Akasuka?
Oh ... Senso-ji ?

What? 24400 Yen from airport to hotel ... ???!!??!? 24400 Yen = RM 700 !!!!!???!!?!

SUSHI ! SASHIMI !?!!? =)

Warm Sake !!!????!!! *nearly orgasmic delight !!*