07 October 2007

Yatttaaaa !!!

I was scared stiff before I came. Excited, sure, but scared stiff as well about visiting Tokyo.

It's one of those places which had this gigantic reputation that just made everything else before it look miniscule.

I'm too lazy to blog about everything that happened today, but I'd just like to share with you a couple of Tokyo facts.

The first two facts, I'll let the pictures explain. Japan is a contrast of ultra modern, and tradition preserved.

Walking along the Meiji-jingu shrine, this couple became the center of all the tourists' frenzied camera clicking during their shinto wedding ceremony and photoshoot.

And barely 10 minutes away from the shrine, just by the Harajuku station, I found the infamous Harajuku cosplay crowd. I can't say I'm a fan, but I admire them for their courage - or foolishness - it's a matter of perspective. Again, the tourists just went crazy !

The next one is that expensive it need not be. I spent only around 5000 yen today - all inclusive except the hotel, which the company is footing, and the airport limousine bus, which is 3000 yen. 5000 yen included lunch, all the transportation and drinks all day long. It took me from Meguro to Harajuku, then to Shinjuku, Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo, Ginza and back to Meguro. That's 5 more places than I thought I could reach with my budget ! 5000 yen is around RM150. It isn't all that bad. If you take away my higher end dinner, I just spent 2200 yen, around RM70 !

More to come later !


angel said...

Taihen (very) YATTTAAA!!!

Shinjuku!!! Show me Shinjuku!!! The square!! Faitikkkk!!!

Sushi!! Kampachi! Rakuzen! Jogoya! :p

Pssttt... Cyndi Lauper there ka? O.o

Jemima said...

Kiwotsukete, Moz san. ;)

*translation: Take care, Mr Moz. ;)

**translation for comment in last post: Safe trip, Mr Moz. :D

may said...

wacchhhaaaaa!! oh wait, that's more kungfu than it is Japanese...

YATTAAAAA!! (and that's all I've learnt from Heroes)

hey, send me a postcard if you can, please please please?

when coming back to Sydney for long term?

Winn said...


next i wanna see food pic!!
i want to go japan too. is tokyon disneyland in ur itenery?

moz monster said...

angel: No tripod, can't do the long exposure picture :(

It's one of our Harajuku girls lah ...

jems: Thanks ! You take care too !

may: Postcard ? Caaaaan ! Please send me your address ! I'll reply to the other question offline ! =P

winn: Food picture is on my photo blog. Tokyo Disneyland not on my itinerary, because I only have very little time. I'll settle on the more simpler sights first !

JL said...

so expensive ne... pokai loh...

Chen said...

so syiok
i also wanna go japan..
i dunno how to speak jepun kia language woh..
only few ocipala watashiwa konichiwa arigato kkkkkk :P

moz monster said...

jl: I guess that's the price to pay for visiting Japan. But really, I think if you exercise some constraint, you'll be ok.

chen: I don't even know those ocipalas, and yet I'm doing fine here. I think ...

laundryamah said...

yerrr...i wanna go Japan!!!!