27 October 2007

Now, where is Moz ?

Here's a hint ...

Not enough ? Here's one more.

Still not enough? Ok ... last one. If this one's not good enough, you really need help.

Autumn, again, like Beijing, is the best time to visit Shanghai. The weather in autumn is more conducive for touring about, while it's also the season for Shanghai Crabs !!!! =) ... and of course I had some !!!! super yummilicious !!! If you look closer, it's even got a little seal on it's claw - that carries a serial number, and a seal that it's the original Yangcheng Lake crabs, from Suzhou ! =)


Chen said...

make me jealous again..
eating hairy crabs
shanghai siu loong pau is the next on your list..
and how about the... siu loong lui leh? hehehhehe

Jemima said...

Enjoy your stay. :)

pelf said...

I knew it was Shanghai when I saw the first picture! And of course, the tower :)

Have fun!

Cocka Doodle said...

I know I know! The 3rd picture is Gotham city. Got see chinese-copy version of Batman mou?
Yeah, those fellas copy everything wat!

may said...

chei, ask people to guess then give away the answer wan? LOL! and I thot I could win a prize for guessing it correctly!

what else is good there... siew loong paus?

Che-Cheh said...

How does Shanghainese eat crab? Using chopstick or hand? Hehe

moz monster said...

chen: hehehehehe ... the crabs were absolutely ... delicious ! as were the siu loong pau. siu loong lui ... never tried that before. what's that ?

jems: Thanks, Jems ... haven't been visiting your blog for a while ... will do so as soon as I get some time away from work ...

pelf: Ah ... so you know your geography. So, tell me ... what's Yuyuan Garden (without Googling it ... )

cocka: Batman jau mou wor ... but I saw cockaman ... 100% clone of you !!!! Somemore with some siu loong lui !!!

may: Yeah ... there is a mantau shop in Shanghai here ... where the queue for Siu Loong Pau is ... about 40 minutes long !!! But it's good ... and it's cheap ! 12 paus for 16 yuans (around RM 8) !!!

che-cheh: None of the above. They eat with ... their mouth.

Winn said...

postcard le??:P

pelf said...

I'm going to be very honest and say I don't know, LOL.

And I'm too occupied with my thesis to Google it. But let me finish my thesis, and see what I can do with my time, LOL.