21 September 2008



Sydney is in sight. Will be there in a little over 24 hours ! How about that ???

20 September 2008

Let down ...

If there was a day when I felt like the whole world let me down, it was today ...

Sometimes, I think I set my expectations very high, both of myself, and for the people around me. Perhaps I'm setting myself up for major disappointment.

It's taken a very long time for me to learn this, but I've realised that while you shouldn't do upon others what you don't want them to do to you, you can't do what upon others what you want them to do to you. I waited patiently today for nothing. I wasted time, didn't do gym, didn't watch TV, didn't go out. Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore.

Anyways, I had trouble all round today, and nowhere to turn to let it all out. I'm really frustrated. Perhaps I should make more friends.

I have so little time for myself. I shouldn't spend those little time waiting or moping. Anyone for a game of golf ?

18 September 2008

BRB - Down Under

I'll be away from Malaysia for the next few weeks. I hope to return home to a less messy country.

In the meantime, while I'll miss sunshine very much every day, I'll be looking forward to renewing my ties with what can be arguably called my 3rd home, maybe even 2nd home. I've actually calculated that I've spent more time in Australia compared to every other country except Malaysia.

This time around, I'll try and do Hunter Valley, failing which I'll try to do the Grand Canyon hike in the Blue Mountains. And of course, there's the Manly-Spit walk and Doyle's at Watson's Bay.

One thing I absolutely love about Australia is the almost unending variety of outdoor activity.

Ah ... springtime in Sydney ! Hopefully, it'll be spring cleaning in Putrajaya as well.

12 September 2008

Glad to get a small break ...

I looked at my calendar today ... and I nearly died.

And these don't even count my time at customer place, travel between meetings, and actual work that needs to be done.

Perhaps I should have just died. How do I find the time to even do work, with schedules like the last two days in that snapshot? I'll be spending more time just being in meetings and calls !

11 September 2008

"I forgot to switch off the lights ..."

This morning, my dad forgot to switch off his car's headlights, resulting in the car's battery bring totally drained.

We tried to jump start it with my car's battery, but it didn't work, and I had had to get someone from a auto repair shop nearby to come and fix the problem.

I just realised today again, that my dad is aging. It would probably be more common from now on to have him forget a thing or two. And it must hurt him to see us all help him out. He's a proud man who used to be able to do everything on his own.

You know, one day, we're all going to be old, and we'll all need help every now and then. I'm not sure I'll enjoy it, but I sure do hope that my children would handle me better than how I sometimes handle situations with my own parents.

My dad has done so much for me, putting in hours of backbreaking labor to make every dollar and cent that we children spent, sometimes unwisely. In a sense, we were able to punch above our weight because we had parents who support us, and gave their everything into making our dreams possible.

I'm sorry that I don't always handle situations in the perfect way, dad. I know you mean well, and I know I should be a more grateful son. After all, everything I am, I owe it to you.