14 October 2007

The adrenaline is still rushing thru me ..

Just back from Tokyo. It's a wonderfully strange experience.

Met at least 200 people, collected at least 200 business cards, but shook only 3 or 4 hands. Apparently, Japanese don't really shake hands.

The fare for all the train rides I took from hotel to work is less than the ONE taxi ride fare I took from train station to hotel.

There are 17 train / subway lines in Tokyo, with at least 3 different types of ticketing systems ( JR, Tokyo Underground, Toei & private lines)

Shinjuku station handles an average of 3.6 million passengers per day !!!

At the famous Shibuya 6 way crossing, during peak hours, up to 5,000 people cross the streets during a single traffic stop.

Now I know why they serve you ginger when you order sushi. Guess why ?

A meal at lunch is around 1600 yen. That meal at dinner time is 6600 yen. *scratches head*

When they say there's a vending machine selling everything, they're right. When's the last time you bought insurance at a vending machine?

More doodles later ...


may said...

welcome back to KL! and I'm still waiting for you to come here ler... I'm sending my dive gear for service next weekend! woo-hoo!

Applegal said...

5000 people crossing!!! O______o;;; Insurance from a vending machine. . . Sheesh!!

Do they have a machine that'll dispense half naked hot kitchen slaves? Preferably male? ;)

laundryamah said...

how to buy insurance from a vending machine wor?

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Moz,

hmmm.....just wondering like Laundryamah....Insurance from a vending machine? You mean car insurance and travel insurance?

At the Shibuya 6-way crossing....5,000 people crossing during a single stop...adoi...got casualties or not?

Jemima said...

Moz san, uerukamu bakku.

*Mr Moz, welcome back.

Btw, you haven't collected your award from my blog.

chingy said...

Wow, what else do they have from the vending machines?

Che-Cheh said...

Hmmm I'm guessing the ginger is for indigestion?

moz monster said...

may: Soon ... soon it shall all be finalized.

applegal: Felt more like 10,000 when I was crossing it !

No hot naked slaves from machines, but I can offer you Haagen-Dazs ice cream, sake, cigarettes, porn DVDs, and lunch boxes (bentos) from vending machines.

laundryamah: Apparently, you can get insurance from vending machines. I don't know if it's life insurance policy, but yes, you can get insurance !

nyonyapenang: No idea what type of insurance you can buy - just seen machines with the english words "Insurance" on it. The rest are all Yapunese writing.

During the crossing, what occurs to me is that if you don't move, you will be hit by someone - most likely from behind !

jems: Thanks for the awards, I'll collect it soon !!! =)

chingy: I've seen the following sold at vending machines: Haagen-Dazs ice cream, bento (lunch boxes), beer, beverages, cigarettes, bras and underwear, insurance, snacks, train passes, porn DVDs. Can't think of anything else now ...

che-cheh: Nope. I laugh at all the people who eat sushi with ginger at the same time !!! It's meant to be taken in between sushis to cleanse the palate.

Some sushis have very strong taste, so you want to make sure the taste goes away before you eat the next piece. So, you eat some ginger to get rid of the smell of the previous one.

I have a friend who keeps insisting the ginger is meant to be a condiment to be eaten with the sushi. Bleeeearh !