06 January 2006

Rudest Person Alive in 2006

I did not plan to write or blog anything today, today being the busiest day of the working week. You know, it's usual in Malaysia and much of the region for things to be left right up to the last minute before they get worked on.

However, the chance encounter today with what must have been the rudest person alive I've had the displeasure of meeting all my short life prompted me to blog this entry.

Me and 4 other colleages, DP, Josh, HP and Anil were out at the KLCC foodcourt, having our lunch. Lunch is one time in our long stressful day where we can unwind a little. After we finished our lunch, we started to have our conversation, and we talked about work related stuffs and were drifting from topic to topic when we finally reached the topic of HR.

We occupied partially one of the larger tables, since there were 5 of us. The table would probably have seated 10 of us, so the other half was occupied by another group of people.

While we were all having a funny discussion about HR, this rude gentleman walked up to us. He immediately said: "Excuse me, if you all have finished, would you please leave the table?"

WTF !!! I mean, how fucking rude can you get ? There surely must be more polite ways of asking us to give way.

Anil responded immediately: "No, we won't. You can't pressure us into leaving our seats"

Rudest man in the world: "But this is a foodcourt, and the place is meant for people to have their food".

Anil: "We're not finished, and we might even have something else ..."

Upon which, rude person left. And we were left in shock and were stunned. How rude can people get?

How many of us actually just eat and then leave the table? I think it's fair to say that a lot of people do sit around and have small conversations after their food. It's a very social act that is common to us social animals.

DP commented correctly that if this person had asked in a more polite manner, we would probably have vacated our seats for this gentleman. And both parties would be happy. And I agree.

I'll tell you what, I'm not angry at that person, I'm just shocked that this is happening, and I'm hoping that this person is not Malaysian. While it might give me a slight measure of relief if this person is, say, Singapore (or whatever other nationality he might be), I'm still feeling bad.

Bad because it's a sign of how backwards some people still are. And sad too, because this is very unbecoming behaviour.

I hope I am never going to have to stoop that low and behave in such manner that will bring shame to my parents, friends and associates.

I hope this person will see the errors of his ways and stop acting like a total jerk and fucker. (Sorry, can't resist the swear word, no matter how hard I try).


Anonymous said...

If the foodcourt was full and there are scarce seats left, it is polite and CONSIDERATE to leave as soon as you can.

I think that the gentleman was not rude but that is just me.

Anonymous said...

personally, if i were to go out during lunch break and notice a group of working people looking for a place to sit and if I'm done with my lunch,I would vacate the table... We do only a limited 1 hour for our lunch break..None the less, had this guy been more polite i'm sure you would have considered leaving eh...

Anonymous said...

ur friend's response indicates that he was just as rude, if not worse.

even if u thought the other guy was rude first, u didn't have to be rude back & be just as scummy as he is.

remind me not to come back to this rude person's (YOURS) blog again.

Anonymous said...

prolly he's just a very hungry man with no place to sit...u think that's rude? wait till u get to sit in a meeting with my ceo LOL...


moz monster said...

I just realised I turned on comments moderation, but I never moderated any comments ... so I'm just going to turn comment moderation off.

moz monster said...

Me and me friends aren't looking to have bones to pick with anyone - had this guy asked nicely, we would actually have vacated - we've done that before.

It's just the tone this guy set from the beginning - sounded like he was on a warpath.