19 January 2006

LRT is actually therapeutic

The City VTEC's down in the workshop, getting the windscreen replaced. It's developed a tiny crack at the bottom right corner, so I took it back to Honda, who decided that yes, it was something that I can claim under warranty. So, I put the car in the workshop for today (only pick up trow noon).

So, I got dad to send me to the Sri Petaling Putra LRT station, where I hopped onto the Putra for the first time.

Lemme say that it's therapeutic ... yes, it's rocky, yes, it's bumpy, and yes, it's very far from comfortable. So, how can be therapeutic one?, I hear you ask ... don't you just get train-sick?

Haiya .... when I don't have to be behind the wheel, when I get to sit on a corner seat, iPod mini with music in my hands and can just close my eyes ... it's like heaven ... really stress free. Now I know why some ppl get married ;P ... can share driving duty with wife ....

I actually had time to put some thoughts together, and I had the opportunity to also start thinking about some of the things that I want to do this week and the weekend too. I made a CNY shopping list in my mind, and I've also worked out the CNY open house guest list ... that's a lot of thinking I managed to put in.

I enjoy the train ride not so much because of the comfort, but more coz it's really freed up a little bit of my time. I might just want to do this more often ... but I already hear my City VTEC getting jealous, how?

Now, I just have to figure out how to get home tonight ... I'm thinking some cab driver is going to tiok me oredi.


moz monster said...

Damn ... I just realised I left the golf bag in the boot ..

Anonymous said...

Damn...I just realised I left my two balls in the boot..

moz monster said...

Disposable ones, I hope ... ;P