23 January 2006

I got tagged ... 5 weird habits

Run down and haggard from an entire weekend dipped, immersed and nearly drowning in w*rk, w*rk, w*rk and w*rk, I was pleasantly surprised to get a me-me from the contagious Pelf. It's interesting how a me-me can cheer up a dreary droid like me.

Yeah, w*rk is suddenly a four letter word that requires self-censorship. You'll understand when half the world is out for Chinese New Year shopping and you're stuck at home having conference calls telling your boss why his idea won't work and yours will, and a ton of documents to write because he realised you're right. Sometimes I should just keep my thoughts to myself.

Ok, less sleep is suddenly not such a bad idea, since I have something other than w*rk to do. :-)

I am supposed to list my 5 weird habits. I'm definately a creature of habits, but weird habits? .. Hmm.. that takes a bit of searching, since I've always considered myself exceedingly normal, as far as habits are concerned. Let's see ...

You asked for it :-

  • I absolutely must take at least 2 oranges a day - without fail since as long as I can remeber. But only when I'm home. My urge to have oranges mysteriously disappear when I'm away from home. I have a picture of me biting into an orange when 18 months old ... scary how many oranges I must have eaten.
  • I can't sleep without three things: my iPod mini, a blanket/comforter and a bolster/something to hang on to. It seems weird, but take any of these away and I'll actually be tossing about in bed all night long.
  • I fanatically support Liverpool FC, but I never watch their games live, because I somehow (stupidly) believe that my watching the game will make Liverpool lose. Now, it's not entirely without basis, since the last 3 times I watch their game, they lost :-(
  • If I have to w*rk through unnatural hours (much like this weekend), I must have raisins for snack. I picked this up from a vegetarian colleague, who considers raisin a part of his daily meal. Failure to find raisins will render me immobile and unable to proceed with my w*rk, so I usually stock up. Else, come what may, I'll be shopping for raisins. Yes, when the battery runs low, a sugar high is essential.
  • I talk to myself all the time. Sometimes I rehearse conversations I want to have at w*rk, sometimes I simply pretend I'm a radio DJ interviewing myself, sometimes I simply discuss with myself before I make decisions. Bottomline, I talk to myself a lot. Yes, I told myself I'm weird. And then I responded to myself that I'm not.

So, how weird am I really?

As for the tagging part, well, I'm kinda new to the blogosphere, and I don't have 5 other folks to tag, so I'd end it here instead. All the people I wanna tag, they've already done this me-me. Really.

Now that's my 5 weird habits. Now that I thought of it, I've got more, but your reading pleasure and experience really won't be enhanced by me revealing them ;-)


Anonymous said...

Maybe u shud blog abt ur normal habits instead then ;P

pelf said...

Hmm Sounds normal enough to me :)

moz monster said...

I thought so too, pelf. Maybe you can help me convince the rest of the world ;)