05 January 2006

Top Ten Signs You Should Change Your Car

I'm taking delivery of my new Honda City VTEC next week. It's a great little car, full features, and has all the functions I'll need from a car, has great fuel economy and even has some features you won't find in 1.5 litre cars. Such a big difference from my current Proton Wira 1.5.

Why did I buy a new car? Because the old car is already in a pretty bad shape already. What were the signs, you ask me ... here ... don't disturb me anymore ... here are the Top Ten Signs You Should Change Your Car :-

  1. When you send your car for servicing, they keep asking whether you are joking or not, and they offer to buy your car for scrap at a "very good price".
  2. You're travelling as fast as the car can go on the North South highway, and you're overtaken by a pakcik riding on his scooter. And a 3 year old on her tricycle.
  3. Whenever you try to trade in your car, the car dealer starts to laugh uncontrollably, drop to the floor rolling.
  4. The last time you tried to take your date out on your car, she persuaded you use public transportation instead. Obviously, it was the first and last date.
  5. The car wash people pay you money to drive the car away everytime you try to have the car washed.
  6. The car consumes so much fuel, Shell and Petronas are willing to send a petrol tanker following your car around as you drive.
  7. When you drive, tow truck operators always follow your car. And you have a bulk discount card from these tow truck operators as well.
  8. Parliament is considering a law that will grant your car national heritage status.
  9. Your car just made the front cover of "Cars that should be Extinct" magazine.
  10. The 2 bulls that pull your car are approaching retirement age.

I really hope my new car will serve me well and serve me long. I happen to believe a car is a cost item, and I'm hoping the Honda will cost me less to maintain and also give me less headache compared to this Proton I've had.

Hey, anyone out there with any Honda City experience? Just wanna know a bit more about the car in advance ..

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