03 March 2006

Bloggers Block: Picture from Bali

Hi all ... it's that time of the month again, when bloggers block strikes.

Wei, understand lah a bit ... I've been working and working and working and working and working for the past few weeks. Then petrol price naik. Then car kena scratch. Then have to attend training. Brain juice dry already.

Anyways, if that is any consolation to you, I'm putting up this picture of a Canang, an offering made to the Bali gods. It's found just about anywhere, and it was one of the better photos I managed to take in Bali. Considering I was almost about to abort my attempt to even take this picture, I think it turned out ok.

Canang is a small tray made from banana leaf, pinned together with bamboo splinters. The standard offering includes incense, flower petals, rice, betel nut chew, flower leaves and white lime paste. Offerings to the gods are placed on elevated positions, while the ones for demons are scattered on the ground. When offered, a sprinkling of holy water is administered, and the smoke from the accompanying incense is wafted skyward, as to be sent to the appropriate gods. Once the smoke from the incense is over, the canang loses its holiness and is left to rot.

And yes, I know I'm supposed to migrate over my Bali photoblogs over here. I haven't forgotten, rest assured that's already taking place, just that it's a non-stop tinkering process that I'm undergoing. I hope it'll turn out much better than the original photo-clogged entries I made at my old blog.

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