28 March 2006

Hacking Attempt. Still Worried. Safe Water?

This is not going to be the usual Moz Monster blog entry ...

It appears that someone had been trying to gain control of my blog by hacking.

I received an email earlier today - the sort you get when you indicate you've lost your password and you need a new one. So someone has claimed to be moz monster and decided to get a new password ... maybe because repeated attempts to gain entry didn't work.

Wei ... come one lah ... I did Data Communications in Uni lah ... I took so many subjects that preached the need for having secure passwords. My password is not that easy to compromise lor. Try harder, please.

*** Still damn worried ***

I withdrew an entry I put yesterday on this blog - the one which claimed I'm feeling a premonition that something is about to go wrong.

A special concoction of alcoholic drinks conjured up at the spur of the moment helped. I know, I'm again breaking my long standing alcohol ban, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

All I can remember was that the special brew had a little of everyone I know in there. There's a little bit of Jim Bean, a dash of Smirnoff, Bacardi showed up, Mr. Carlsberg did appear and there was even a guest appearance from my old friend Hennessy. It was a very crowded drink. =)

And I recall a very, very, nice sleep. Woke up this morning to still a little bit of premonition that someone would go wrong, but heck, if it's going to go wrong anyways, then I don't want to worry about it now. Let it happen - I'll deal with it when it comes.

*** Of course, the water IS safe ***

The front page of a leading English daily claimed that despite the odour, out piped water supply in the Klang Valley IS SAFE. You smart people who can find this blog would most likely be able to find that article on the web without the help of a link, thus there is none here.

Ok. Let's do chemical 101 here real quick.

Pure water is odourless. It has no smell.

If there is odour in the water, there is something in the water that brought about the odour.

Instead of telling us what's in that water, the smokescreen strategy is to tell us what's NOT in the water.

Yes, sure, there's no heavy metal. The water is not heavy. The water is very close to neutral pH. Does that make the water SAFE?

Unless someone can actually tell me what in the water causes the smell, I don't think I can really feel secure about our water supply.

Heck, you put some herbicide into the water - now test it for heavy metal. Test it for turbidity. It might just turn up negative. Heck, who knows, it might not cause water acidity. I'm not a chemist, but I think the tests haven't done anything to convince me totally that I'm not going to die 20 years later from drinking all these pipe water.

On a separate note, if you read the OTHER leading English daily in Malaysia from yesterday, you would have seen that there's a very terse article about our looming water supply problem.

We must be getting awfully close to developed nation status - who else would have problems with water supply problems due to over development and improper water resource management?

If all we care about is how soon we become developed and forget the fact that the goal of the development itself was to ensure a better life for the rakyat, I guess I'm hoping for less development.

I don't see the point of having the world's tallest twin towers when soon, water will no longer be a readily available resource. Hmm ... must be our system of priorities.

~~~ End of Rant ~~~

OK. Nothing else to say. But still damn worried ... still have a feeling that something VERY wrong will happen soon. Wonder what that could be?


abe said...

well, i just hope that bastard just fail in his attempt to hack ur blog. ;-) best wishes!!

Che-Cheh said...

I kind of like the water odour. Hahaha
but scary man! what to do we still need to drink water everyday.

hopefully your 'feeling' about something going wrong is no big matter. ;)
Do you always have feeling like this ? and does it come true ?

moz monster said...

abe: Thanks. I think it'll take a bit more effort for them to crack the password.

che-cheh: I hope you don't get addicted to the water odour :-P

I usually experience something bad very soon after these 'feelings', so I'm hoping things will be ok

But strangely, today, I've stopped having that 'feeling'. Maybe all that was wrong was a hacking attempt on my blog.

angel said...

Why u donwanna migrate to Wordpress? Ppl keep saying Blogger sucks... why does it suck?


I'm glad you have lost that "feeling". The angel saves the day! ;)

moz monster said...

angel: each platform will have its own sets of problems and difficulties - the grass is always greener on the other side. for now, blogger is sufficient - i'm very much text based anyways.

yeah, i think you have a future in counselling. TQ.

angel said...

u are being too kind... u actually wanted to say that i hv a future in clowning, kan?? :D

moz monster said...

angel: maybe you can counsel clowns then =)