23 March 2006

The real A is attitude

"Don't be down hearted. No one gets success all the time. No one will win all the time."

My nephew cousin didn't do too well in STPM. Obviously he didn't feel too good either. I don't have answers for all the problems in the world, and I don't have consolations for all the people who come to me for a shoulder to cry on.

The real A in life is the one in Attitude. It will carry you through the challenges. It will perk you up when you're down.

Bill Gates never finished his uni. Yet look at him now. Look at Uncle Lim in Genting - he can hardly speak English.

Just keep your chin up. Life has many ways of throwing surprises your way.

I'm not a good example myself, I didn't make it into local uni. I had to venture overseas. And it cost my dad a bomb. But I guess I managed to make hay while the sun shined =)

Whether you mope all your life or you smile even during the hardest times, you still have to live it. Might as well be happy going thru life.

Failure is not when you don't pass your exams. Exams are not a measure of a person's success - they simply measure academic acumen. Exams don't define character; it does not guarantee success. Exams don't make you rich, failing them won't make you poor. Success is a journey you travel all your life.

And why be afraid of failure? It's another opportunity to learn what is NOT successful, which means you get closer to being successful in the first place.

You - your attitude towards life - your character when faced with challenges - will ultimately decide your success. And don't forget that pinch of luck too =)

Take it easy. The real A in life is the one in Attitude. See the silver lining in everything.


angel said...

**admiring your tough, macho shoulders**

wait a minute...

your nephew???

Amelia said...

It is often through failure that future success come... so hope that your nephew will KEEP TRYING!

moz monster said...

angel:you're right ... it's my cousin i'm talking about ... *slaps forehead* ...

btw, u sure u didn't mistake me for someone else ... i mean ... tough, macho shoulders .... ME ??!!

amelia: That's what we told him. You only fail when you give up.

angel said...

*rub rub your forehead*

**still admiring your tough, macho shoulders**

why? because ppl come to cry on your shoulders worr...

Che-Cheh said...

Yeah, how and what you learn along your life journey is the one that shape you. Not because you pass your exam with flying colors then you will be smart and rich.

Sometimes people who excel in examination(during school/colleges/univs) find it tough in working life.

moz monster said...

angel tough, macho shoulders are only good to look at. shoulders that are nice to cry on needs to have a bit of 'cushion' otherwise it becomes a bit uncomfy after a while ... =)

che-cheh Well said. An education doesn't guarantee success. It helps, but it's not a guarantee.