11 March 2006

Haha ... You're both OLDER now !!!

I know it's an unusual way to wish your pals a Happy Birthday ... but I just had to remind everybody that I'm still the baby in the group !!!

Two birthdays in the space of a week, so I'm gonna save blog space and wish 'em both in one entry.

Yes, you're both special, you both deserve an entry, but I lazy. Heck, the both of you don't even know each other ! But, what to do? I really lazy ...

Yesterday, a certain Joshua turned a year older. He won't reveal his age to me, but I know the truth - you're older than I am. =)

Both pictures are from the little do in the office for Joshua.

So paiseh about age, even birthday cake also only got 1 candle ..

And on 13 March, in a few days' time, Sean - you're also turning one year older !!! Wei, time to find a landlady for the apartment ... feels too .... empty !!!

I'm so nasty ... hehe ... well, my birthday will come, you guys can take your potshot at me then ;-)

Happy Birthday !!!


angel said...


h a p p p y b i r t h d a y j o s h u a !

h a p p p y b i r t h d a y s e a n !

me love birthdays :) so happy...

moz monster said...

angel: Ooooo ... so you like birthdays ?! When's yours ??

I have a very special birthday celebrations.

angel said...

boohoohoo... told u b4 liao and now u ask me back?? **uuuwaaaaaaa**

clue - devil's day.

what u mean u hv a very special birthday celebration? for yourself or for other ppl? u say u dun celebrate birthday wan...?

moz monster said...

wahaha ... of course i remember ... but when you say it to the world, more ppl know right?

i never celebrate my own birthday ... it reminds me i'm getting older. and it hate that.