16 March 2006

Away for the day ...

Ok - look people - before you start demonstrating in front of my house, or burn down effigies in my image - I'm not turning this into a photo blog. And even if I did, what talk you? March is a very busy month in terms of work, so I'm making do with photos sometimes.

I'll be in a meeting all day today, and won't have any means of Internet access until I reach Changi Airport later at night ... I'm in Singapore on business.

To keep you restless souls occupied, here's a photo I recovered from my external hard drive ...

This is a photo of Wat Phra Keow - Temple of the Emerald Buddha, located in the grounds of the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand taken at night. The light trail was purely chance - it's from a passing bus. Nearly couldn't get this shot since I didn't have a tripod with me - so I put my camera on a post box as a stand.

Wat Phra Keow was a former Royal Chapel now open to the public. The main temple (blue roof building on the left side) houses a jade (not emerald) Buddha figurine supposed to have magical properties. This Buddha is the most important in all of Thailand.

The Thais do pray there - it's a working temple, so it does get very crowded. If you have to only see one cultural sight in Thailand, this has to be it. If you have shortness of breath, don't go - this place literally takes your breath away.

Hope you guys will like it =)


angel said...

**choked ... breathless**

**makes mental note to go see WPK nxt month**

sawatdee... busy, huh? mai pen rai... Mi khon-wan ahrai baang? Tiramisu? Mmmmmm!Aroy mak!


moz monster said...

Tiramisu ... mai dai krub ... pom mai mi wela krub ... busy as a bee.

Have a smashing time in Wat Phra Keow. Most people call it the Grand Palace, but the best way to get a cabbie to take you there is to ask for Wat Phra Keow in the first place.