07 March 2006

What should he do ?

Lemme do a Pelf styled blog today ... I'm gonna ask you: "What should he do?". Ok, maybe not exactly Pelf style - Pelf style with a twist ...

This is based on a real incident that just happened today ...

Someone's brother - let's call him A - was driving illegally - underaged and without a license. And since this is a "What should he do?" blog, obviously, A got into an accident - hit another car - damaged that other car, and injured the driver as well. Let's call the victim B

Now comes the poser - B takes A's MyKad. Take as in take possession, not as in take note or simply jotting it down. Take.

B then got A's mobile number. Of course A is scared. He's just done something criminal. Of course he's avoiding B's phone calls. What do you think an underaged boy who's just been in an accident will do?

So, A got his brother - let's call him C - involved. C spoke to A. C of course, is trying to do the right thing for his brother and resolve the situation.

A demands RM5,000 by tomorrow morning for settlement.

C doesn't have RM5,000 now. C's mum is in another state, but has the money to pay.

What should C do?

Report to police? After all B has acted illegally as well when he took possession of A's MyKad. And what's stopping B from reporting to police after the RM5,000 has been paid?

Settle? And hope to get the MyKad back as well as no further claims?

Pay the costs incurred plus some extra? Offer to pay for the car repairs and the hospital costs, and add some extra??

What ???
What should A do?


Din said...

report a 'lost' MyKad and get a new mobile phone number.

JoS said...

Hehe. From the way you write it, I can tell its you (or your brother, actually) already lah fren. :)

First of all, get your brother, pull his ears and tell him to NEVER NEVER NEVER give his Mykad/IC to any stranger, regardless of anything. After the fella used his card to apply loan then how, hai lat or not?

OK, my advice is there are 3 ways to settle this problem. No. 1 the "official" way, no. 2 the "don't make a scene way" and no. 3 the "Young and Dangerous" way.

i) This one, report police only lah. The good thing is the issue will be settled. The fella will be in trouble for taking your brothers MyKad, and everything will be recorded, so if he used the MyKad to apply for some loans then you have the paperwork to show. The bad news? Your brother in big trouble leh. Maybe banned from driving (at best), at worst masuk lokap. It is not cheap also. The fella may sue your brother, and you may have to pay a fine/"kopi money".

ii) This way, settle only lah and pray thats the end of it. Call the fella. If he asks you for 5k tell him to fuck off and die and go report to the police.Tell him you want to see his mechanic bill, his hospital bill and that you will give him RM500 - 1000 on top of that to settle it "quietly". Ask for a written and signed statement saying the issue is settled also. Even better, have a lawyer friend draft the signed statement. This is the most expensive, but I would say has the least repercussions for person A.

iii) My personal favourite - the hong kong triad way of settling the matter. Call up any and every gangster and tai kor you know, then beg them for a favour. If you don't know any tai kor nevermind, any friends that look like a triad member will do. The more tattoos and knife scars, the better. Call the fella, say you want to settle. Say you want to meet him at some mamak or coffeeshop. Make sure the place is out of the way and not many people one. Have your "guys" wait in a separate car outside, then meet the fella alone. Halfway, make a phone call and have the 10 big-sized fellas come and sit down next to you. Tell him you really want to see the matter "settled" and you absolutely don't appreciate being ripped off - so you brought your "blood brothers" along to make sure the guy don't cheat you. Then have your tai kor friend threathen him. With any luck he (person B) will shit his pants, and you will be amazed that he is willing to settle for much, much less than 5k when bodily harm comes into the issue. Also take down his name and car number plate and tell him your friends will come "visit" if anything happens to your brother after this. I love this method (lets face it, its the best way to settle things when dealing with these kind of scum) but it can backfire so make sure you choose wisely ok.

Good luck helping your bro- Person A. =)

wyejon said...

Personally i recommend u to go to the police station... once u are there you will be presented with many options (you know what I mean?) Choose the one that is most suitable for you.

pelf said...

Hahhaha!! Pelf is only good at posing the question to the public, did you ever see Pelf answering such TOUGH questions?

BTW, this case is too difficult. Pelf will attempt to answer the next case OK?

moz monster said...

din: Haha ... this is quick fix that might leave too many holes, no?

jos: Nope. I have a sister only. And I'm like ... 29 ... so I'm way ok to drive. Anyways, I like that taiko option, since I DO know a few taikos. Only it's not my own problem ... or my non-existant brother's. It's complicated.

wyejon: My own gut feel is to report. I guess A will have to face the music, but at least it's the best LEGAL option.

pelf: Wei ... I was expecting some help one wei ... you Master degree mah ...

angel said...

from the sound of it, i'd think A SHOULD be banned from the roads!

my advice to C - make a police report.

that's the right thing to do.

moz monster said...

angel: I have the same thoughts ... this is actually a fren's fren ... was asking for a quickie loan ... of course I not bank, so no loan dispensed.

Paul Ooi said...

Go Police Station, doesn't need RM5000 to "settle". Ask B go also.