01 March 2006

Quiz: Know Your Treasure Hunt

Why Josh look so pissed one ?

In the tradition of treasure hunting, I'm retelling the story of my participation in a treasure hunt last weekend, in the form of a quiz ... =) Not that the treasure hunt we had was in the form of a quiz, but I thought I wanted some interactive element to this blog ...

My company was a sponsor in the OCBC Bank Charity Treasure Hunt, and we entered a team. Yours truly drove, Josh did the navigation, Linda and Sophia were the spotters. The idea was to drive from KL to Melaka via a set of instructions called tulips. Along the way, we had to solve 35 questions, accomplish 3 missions and find 3 treasures. Ready ? Please select only 1 choice from the 3 choices of answers presented to you.

We started real early at Dataran Merdeka, at 7:15 a.m. Cars were flagged off one at a time, and we all headed to Sri Petaling for the first 5 questions.

Relating to the start, in the picture above, one sees:
(A) Participants gathering for the pre-start briefing
(B) Team members paying attention to the final briefing
(C) People scrambling to get the car numbers of 2 cars in an accident to buy 4D

Once finished at Sri Petaling, we headed off to the Sungai Besi Toll. Not long after that, we were all in Kajang, where this picture was taken.

One can clearly see in the picture:
(A) One of the many clues to the questions that were given to the participants
(B) A signboard in the middle of nowhere which may yield the answers we were looking for
(C) A sign to stay in the car and not get out. It really stinks !!

We took a winding road from Kajang down to Seremban, where we completed the first mission: Singing "Old MacDonald's" out in the market. Malu only. After that, we exited from Senawang back to the highway and headed to Melaka.

In this next picture, we can see:
(A) A tired Josh catching up on some sleep on a driving route which did not require much navigation
(B) Josh getting some much needed rest after a long, hard treasure hunt.
(C) The first frame in the trailer for the next 'Tammy NYP' style video.

We reached Melaka, and after a few more questions, we had to do our next mission, to find a person shown in a photo, and to complete two servings of food he sold.

This picture relates to the mission, which was carried out at Jonker Street :
(A) Finish two servings delicious Baba Durian Cendol at Hainan Loh Desert shop
(B) An eating challenge, which was easier than singing "Old MacDonald's" out loud in the Seremban Market
(C) To separate the corn from the red bean before the ice melts

Since the day was like, really hot, and the Durian Cendol looked inviting, we decided to double up. All 4 of us took the Cendol instead of the 2 required.

From this picture, one can see that ..
(A) There is great team spirit amongst the team
(B) Moz is a Hawaiian native !! =)
(C) The team managed to stop fighting in time for this photo to be taken.

After the Cendol mission, the next thing to do was to find our treasures. A treasure is something you have to buy or get and bring back with you to the finishing line.

In the picture above, it is quite clear:
(A) Our treasures were rice (carried by Josh) and 3 cans of sweetened condensed milk (carried by Linda)
(B) Our team displayed immense teamwork to find the challenges
(C) The team would have sucked at Amazing Race. Look at 'em - they're walking !!

And then, we're finished !!! We drove to Mahkota Century Melaka, the finish and also our accomodation for the night.

Here's a picture at the finish line. From this pic, it is clear that:
(A) We had some answers that were less than certain, so we had a last minute meeting to decide
(B) Josh is ever the gentleman, offering to help Linda
(C) Josh practises his car jacking skills at ever opportunity

Once we've settled our answers, decided on what treasure we really should bring, and calmed our frayed nerves, we went on the finish control to submit the answers, treasures and proof we finished our missions.

As shown in the picture above:
(A) We were all happy and glad to have finished the Treasure Hunt
(B) The entire team was in a jovial and upbeat mood after completing a Treasure Hunt
(C) The team again managed to stop fighting just in time to take a group photo

Since we're done, we checked into our apartment. The team was allocated a 2 room apartment with a sea view. Well, not really a sea view, as you'll see ...

In the picture above, one can summarise:
(A) Mahkota Century Melaka, where the team stayed at, is a pretty nice place after all
(B) The team had decent accomodation with a sea view
(C) Why the team laughed their head off when Moz said "Eh, see ... can see Penang bridge !!"

We took it easy, had a nap, went to Mahkota Parade, and then went to the Hunt dinner, where the answers were revealed and the prizes given:

From the picture above, it is plain to see:
(A) Moz accepting the prize for finishing 7th
(B) There were great prizes to be won
(C) Why the team was asking how come finished 7th and didn't get hamper ??

Ok. So dinner is done. Prize is given. Everyone is happy that we got RM50 shopping voucher at Jusco. Moz and Sophia took home a shoe bag, Linda and Josh took home a stationery holder. What we do next ?

From the picture, it was plain to see that the next thing the team did was:
(A) Go to the night bazaar at Jonker Street
(B) Had a jolly good time going around Melaka
(C) Started making our own version of Brokeback Mountain *NOT*

After Jonker Street, we headed down to ...

Satay Celup at Capitol Satay, one of the famous Melakan food experience, as one can see from the picture up ..
(A) Is like a lok-lok dish with a spicy gravy
(B) No photo could do justice to this great cuisine
(C) The team was again fighting off camera, leaving the satay unattended

Still at Satay Celup, this next picture shows:
(A) The variety of different satays available
(B) Some satays are more popular than others
(C) Behind the camera, the team was fighting again about the answers that was submitted earlier

And one last question: What do you see in this picture above ?
(A) Moz having a good time having satay celup
(B) "O, what big mouth you have, Moz"
(C) Moz mistaking the satay celup place for a karaoke =)

Then we had a good night's sleep, and the next day, we had .... satay babi (pork satay) ... aiks ... there's a theme here, isn't there? OK la ... Treasure Hunt over liao, so no more questions.

Here, the whole team at satay place .. the satay were much smaller than the ones you'll find at Kajang, so that means each person can take more sticks.

For once, the team actually not fighting. (Psst ... actually, they all kicking each other under the table).

We had one more walk along Jonker Street, took the Durian Cendol again, and left happy =)

Treasure Hunt not too bad after all.


pelf said...

THAT looks like a lot of fun! Maybe Moz can get somebody to organize something like that in KT?

Jacky said...

Looks like a fun treasure hunt. Lots of nice food to eat too eh? :)

moz monster said...

pelf: It was more fun than I ever imagined. Email me if you really want to know the organizers - there's a company that specializes in treasure hunts

jacky: Food was the driving force behind our joining the treasure hunt. And the food in Melaka is really good, yes =)

Dragon City said...

it looks damn fun..Will ask my company to organize one of these..

moz monster said...

dragon city: yeah, it is good fun. i wonder why this is only my first.

Joshua said...

I am convinced after this hunt that Moz and yours truly can definetly work together and form a super treasure hunt team all we need is some pro spotter to join muahahahahahahaa

moz monster said...

joshua: Gua caya sama lu .... yeah, i think we can conquer the world man ... waiseh ... first time take part oredi 7th place ... muahahahahahahaha