14 March 2006

What a narrow mind we sometimes have ...

I am on leave today, thus I did some roaming around a pretty big book store in a pretty big shopping complex.

I was seated in one corner, browsing a travel guide on China, when a couple caught my attention ...

They were very obviously looking for a Europe Travel Guides ... maybe they were going to visit Europe soon.

Handsome: "Eh ... here leh ... all the travel books"
Pretty: "Hor, yah hor ...."
Handsome: "But ... but how come all America only ?" *tilts neck to look at books*
Pretty: *Tilts her neck also* ... *pauses* .... *pouts*
Pretty: "Yah lor ... where the @#$% are the Europe books ?!"
Handsome: "Don't have la ... I can't see also ... here all only America one"
Handsome: "Told you redi ... this bookshop big but no use one. Let's go somewhere else ..."
Pretty: "Yah, let's go ..."
*walks away in a rush*

OK. Let's reveal some points here. I was at Mid Valley. Pretty Big Books store is MPH Bookstore.

Now, tell me, how would it be even NOT possible that you don't find Europe Travel Guides in MPH. If you can't find 'em here, good luck elsewhere. You can find books about quantum physics that you won't even find in some University bookstores in this MPH store.

If Handsome and Pretty just looked two more shelves to the right, the European guides are all there. The Travel Guides were organized in continents, first Americas, then Europe, then Africa followed by Asia/Ocenia.

The couple actually walked to the right section, right next to the shelves where they would have found their book. Some people will call them blur, but I look at it as people who suffer from tunnel vision, maybe even a little narrow minded.

How many times in the past have been like a teeny weeny bit from finding what we want, and gave up just when it was tantalizingly close?

How many times have we given up when we could have turned a few more stones? When we could have knocked a few more doors? When we could have pushed it a little bit more?

Open up your mind !! The European Travel Guides are just 2 shelves away !!!


pelf said...

"Blur" is too soft a term to be used to describe the couple. Maybe "st*pid" is better. I mean, if they couldn't find a Travel Book just 2 shelves away, I am NOT sure they will survive in Europe either!! Hhahhaa :)

smashpOp said...

AIYA.. chill man... it might be their loss for not being smart...

just relax n take it as a joke .. its better that way.. lol

Kenny Lee said...

wahliao..like that also can..

moz monster said...

pelf: Yeah, wonder what sorta tunnel vision they're suffering from ...

smashpop: Hi, welcome ... Well, just couldn't understand how someone won't look around a bit more ...

kenny lee: Yeah ... like that also can ... now I see why some people are really blur sotongs ...

Sheena said...

I am commenting just to show-off:
My daddy bought Lonely Planet's "Europe on a Shoestring" from Borders Singapore for me! :)

By the way, you going to China?

moz monster said...

sheena: I have a lot of work in China soon ... so yes. And I wanna try go there before China gets all developed and too expensive.

=) He's not narrow minded if he can find you an European Guide Book in a big book store like Borders.

BTW, I'm in Spore today and tomorrow .. =)