13 March 2006

Top Ten Changes to Your Lifestyle That Might Help Offset Petrol Price Increase

Yeah, I know this post has a pretty long title - it's a mouthful isn't it? - but it's part of the lifestyle change expected of us to live with the higher petrol prices and the expected impact. You see, we'll have to build up our stamina for more walking now that driving is so expensive. So ... without stopping for breath, please repeat after me: "Top Ten Changes to Your Lefstyle That Might Help Offset Petrol Price Increase". Can? One more time !!! "Top Ten Changes to Your Lefstyle That Might Help Offset Petrol Price Increase". Good.

Oh well, the prices are up, it'll never come down EVER, and what can we do? Just bite that bullet loh ... take the pain. Take the train.

So, here are my suggested changes to your lifestyle that could potentially cushion the petrol price increase blow:

  • For goodness sake, ditch those RM 12 coffee for RM 1 kopitiam kopi. What real difference does it make whether you drink siong dan RM 12 coffee or RM 1 kopitiam stuff?
  • Buy pirated DVDs and do a movie pool - invite all your friends over. Saves money compared to going to the movies. (I know it's not legit, but I didn't say I'm providing you with legit lifestyle changes)
  • Walk outstation instead of driving. It's healthier as well. If Kenny Sia can do 42 km in 6 hours, so can you !!! So you only take around 4-5 days of walking from Jalan Duta to Ipoh (around 200 kms, assuming you only do 42 km daily). And you'll probably loose a bit of excess weight along the way.
  • Let's all take public transportation en masse - this will make all the public transportation companies cannot cope, and eventually go bankrupt - and will force the government to really spend all RM 4.4 billion on bailing out improving public transportation.
  • It has been rumoured that drinking litres and litres of water will keep the hunger away momentarily. If you drink enough water, you might be able to save one meal a day. In KL, one meal equals to roughly 2-3 litres of petrol ... (For best effect, drink from the office/school/public place where they don't charge you for it).
  • Do you know the average shirt can be worn for 4 days without requiring a washing? Yeah, the trade off is that you stink. But when you stink, your friends will call you for minum less regularly, so guess what? Another saving.
  • Cook at home. I know, your entire cooking repetoire is maggi mee and the fried egg. Which saves you even more, right? But be careful, I heard that overdoses of maggi results in maggi shaped excrement.
  • Advance Malaysia's Agro Inductry !! Plant your own ubi kayu and sawi. Just like our parents/grandparents did in the 40s during the Japanese occupation era.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle - sleep as early as possible everyday. Assuming you don't switch on the TV and lights when you sleep, you'll save on the electricity bill.
  • Sign a petition to urge the government to spend RM4.4 billion building a time machine that would bring us all back to the time when petrol prices are low.
Just for fun, some bonus entries:

  • Instead of using a hair dryer, dry your hair naturally in the sun. Malaysia has plenty of sun !!
  • To save on entertainment expenses, next time you hang out in a bar, just ask for cold water - all night long.
  • Next time someone asks you for a light, hand them a magnifying glass. (Only applicable to smokers)
  • When your girlfriend bugs you for that new tank top, buy her the cloth, threads, needles, scissors and a sewing machine. Like they say, if you teach a man how to fish ...

Well, I know it's the nth time I've been blogging about the petrol price increase. The truth is, even for me, it's hitting me hard, and yes, I do have room to make some lifestyle adjustments. I just think about some of the people I know who have no room for such adjustments. I wonder what their adjustment would be?


Wingz said...

I absolutely agree on the RM12 cuppa kofi, mch!! hat so spesel till nid to pay 12 bucks for a cuppa kofi huh? those ppl go there to be seen only! glamor la konon! knn ... blarde shallow hal! but the good side is, they encourage speding la lol!

Balajoe said...

Already stopped going for the evening "teh-tariks". These days, we make our own teh-tarik at the office pantry - cheap but less the "kedai mamak" atmosphere. Sigh

pelf said...

Hey, we at KT pay RM1.93 per L of petrol, instead of RM1.92, OK?! So shaddap, OK?! Kkakakak :) *runs*

moz monster said...

wingz: I dunno. Maybe it's to stroke our egos - "I oso can afford - how?"

balajoe: We guys still do teh tarik - but only when the big kahuna buys. Otherwise, it's back to the pantry =(

pelf: Oops! Forgot KT people pay more for petrol. But then again, you guys don't get the KL jam.

BTW, it's the first time I see you writing a non-standard English word - shaddap !! Or is it?

angel said...

1) I'll drink both the expensive & cheap coffee. Need variety. Mocha latte/Ultimate ice-blended do taste different from kopi-o peng ;) and no, i dont go there to be seen...sheesh...

2) Why buy DVD? Bittorent is the answer.

3) Walk outstation?! Come on! How to walk 300km in half a day?? At least if u say hitch a hike along the highway like what Bill Bixby always do in Incredible Hulk, at least ada logik...

4) Public transport - good idea.

5) Drink water for a meal? hmmm... u tried it oredi? report! report!

6) Trade hygiene to save $$$? Then u won't have chicks swooning!! How then?? You NEED chicks!! LOL!

7) I think better change the egg. Hv more vege. Healthier.

8) Plant own food! One of the best ideas here!

9) Sleep early? No life then?? How can?

10)Time machine? Ei...u watch too many movies liao...


How thoughtful of Mozzie to spare a moment for those who earn very much lesser than you, you and you...


cheng sim said...

u stil have funny things to say.
oh, about the walk outstation instead of driving thingy. why can't we just ride a bike instead? hehehe. in the same time, you can set a whole new world record. ok what.

yeah. the rm12 coffee vs rm1 coffee thing is absolutely true. thank god i don't drink coffee.

moz monster said...

angel: hey, so when u gonna become guest blogger? u oso got something funny to say why ...

cheng sim: better avoid those rm4 milo places or rm7 tea places then ... plenty of those in klcc