13 March 2006

Stupid Weekend Golfer ...

Finally, after working on weekends for sometime, I caught a little break in the schedule. I'm finally able to get sometime and chill out and do the things I wanna do.

But did I do anything I wanted to do? Noooo .... not by a long way.

For the first time in days, I was able to sleep until 10.30 in the morning ... =) =) =) It's always good to be able to get more bed time.

Did nothing for a change, just read the Sunday comics -> can you imagine I haven't done that in a while now?

Then I went to the driving range to hit some golf balls. Golf is a good way to let off steam, you know?

Why play golf? Because you can imagine the ball is someone's head ... maybe even your boss ... and whack it really hard.

While I was there, there was this novice who was obviously not very good at hitting a stationery ball. He had lots of hits all over the driving range (which is fine ... that's why you practice and learn). But the stupid fella had to learn to hit a driver - yes, a driver - the longest, baddest, meanest club a golfer can lay his hands on. And he hit a really terrible shot, which went sideways instead of forward, bounced off the safety partition, and ricochet into ME.

Exhibit A: Incident Report. Stupid was supposed to hit where the black arrow point. But his ball fly where the red arrow point. In the end, it hit Moz where the yellow star is. Ouch !!

It hurts OK??

What that fella said? "Sorry ... why you stand there?"

What you mean why I stand there ?? I also practising my golf mah !!! I have a right to be there.

Not wanting a fight, I just let it be. He rattled off a few more words, which I didn't really care about ... coz I think he lost it. He was being defensive in his comments, and it just wasn't worth my time arguing with him. I wasn't hit in such a way that I would have been really hurt anyways, but the fact is:

(1) Beginners don't hit drivers. That's not a club you can handle.
(2) If you hit such terrible shots that bounce off your safety partition, you say sorry.
(3) I have every right to be where I am ... I paid RM 8 for 100 balls, just like you.
(4) It's so not in the spirit of golfing to be such a bad sport.

Anyways, this just reinforced what some of my golf partners tell me - golf is being spoilt by stupid weekend golfers who're driven to take the game up for reasons other than the love of the game. I hate these people.

Oh well, no damage done. I hope this weekend golfer will someday manage to hit shots with his driver that goes further than my 8 iron.


Finally, jogged today. In the previous weeks, weather, work and appointments all conspired against me to prevent my jogging. 5.8 km in 40 minutes or so ... not really measuring.


Thanks to pelf, daisy and angel for cheering up what was a really drab weekend. * Hugs *


angel said...


he uncle ka??

prolly he's Brokeback material and tried to befriend u?? LOL!

acherly, angel din do anything for lou sai oso... :(

dessert this week? :)

moz monster said...

not quite uncle la ... and I seriously don't think the way to brokeback people is to hit them with a golf ball.

dessert? yeah, but you buy, ok?