03 March 2006

What protest ?

I was told there was going to be a massive protest called today at 2 p.m. against the 30 sen petrol price increase.

According to very reliable eye witness report - basically - my boss, who just came back from lunch, the so-called protest is a non-event.

Apparently, there are more policemen than protesters.

From Level 70 of the Petronas Twin Tower, we actually couldn't even see the protest. What protest ???


cheng sim said...

actually there was a small group of protest at 3pm. i've read it from some girl's blog. oh, you worked at KLCC?

Anonymous said...

News from Dang Jin Da Ma

moz monster said...

cheng sim: I've been told there's about 1,000-2,000 protesters. I guess that might be a big protest by Malaysian standards. I've seen much bigger ones elsewhere

anonymous: Thanks. Very good Chinese practice for me =) ... It was nothing like what I was told. I heard MASSIVE ... I was expecting 10,000s.

fooDcrazEE said...

protest all the want but no changes will be made

moz monster said...

foodcrazee: I'm under no illusion that protests would make any changes, but if we do feel strongly about something, I guess protests do provide an outlet.

Probably Malaysians don't think they have a voice or say, probably they have accepted the increase, probably they just don't want to go thru the hassle. Whatever.

pelf said...

Can you ACTUALLY see human beings from the 70th floor?! I mean, do they look like ants? Because if there were like 2000 people down there, you would still see them as a couple of ants, no? Hhahhaa :)

moz monster said...

pelf: Surprisingly, you can see people and even make out the color of their clothes sometimes. 70 floors isn't all that high, after all, maybe about 300 meters up only.

From what I gathered, we didn't see the protesters because of the location where they were - we just face the wrong direction.