12 March 2006


When I finally completed my IT degree 9 years ago, it was with a sense of relief. I thought that by joining the workforce, I'd be a happy man, free from the worries I had in my student days.


Turns out that the only reason I work is because there are bills to pay.

Car loan.
House loan.
Cell phone bill.
Electric bill.
Water bill.
Indah Water bill.
ASTRO bill.
Credit card bills.
Makan bill.
Petrol for car.
Streamyx bill.
Income Tax.
Cukai Tanah.
Cukai Pintu.
Local Government Assessment.
Road Tax.
Health Insurance.

What better life? What happier days? What worry am I free from?

I'm actually surprised I have some savings at the end of the day.

And for what little money I earn, I'm really being asked to work like a dog by bosses who don't understand the need for breaks. I have been working weekends for many weeks now. And some of these hours are unusually long and hard for all of us.

I need a new job. I can't shoulder the burden of subsidising my own existance. Let me see, how do I pass the burden on to someone else ??

Oh. Sorry. I can't. I can't raise my salary. That's up to my bosses.

Isn't it ironic that the hallmark of the western world is such a paradox?
Governments have to be democracies - otherwise they probably will invade you or at least embargo you.
Big Businesses though, are all run like dictatorships - otherwise they'll impose sanctions on you and make you sign the WTO.

Someone tell me a joke ... I need comic relief from my stressful life ...


pelf said...

"As I was walking through a variety store, I stopped at the pet department to look at some parakeets. In one cage a green bird lay on his back, one foot hooked oddly into the cage wire. I was about to alert the saleswoman to the bird's plight when I noticed a sign taped to the cage: 'No, I am not sick. No, I am not dead. No, my leg is not stuck in the cage. I just like to sleep this way.'"

-By Joan Dezeeuw

pelf said...

The test I gave my math class covered everything we'd studied all year -- fractions, percentages and portions of whole units. But maybe I could have explained things a little better. To the question "What portion of a foot is six inches?" one student answered, "The toes?"

-By Allison Addis

daisy said...



daisy said...

Games, ok?

feed me sushi


moz monster said...

Thanks ... hugs to both of you. I really needed some humor to get going again =)