06 March 2006

Treasure Hunt Questions

History: Moz did a treasure hunt, more because it sounded fun, and it ended in Melaka (which sounded fun, and sounded like a lot of food too). My team had a lot of fun - lots of jabs, banter, the occassional near argument and in the end, a very good laugh too =)

Of course, it DID not help that Moz initially told everyone to take it easy and have fun, but instead, turned out to be the most competitive person around !!

We ended 7th out of 28 teams taking part, and we could have ended 5th had we been a little more experienced. Anyways, my friends made me put up the questions, since some are about to go on a Hunt of their own, and most are simply curious.

Just remember that the objectives of these questions are simply to guide you to look for a signboard / business name or an establishment of any sort. On their own, these questions mean little, since you have to find the answers within a given section of the Treasure Hunt, as guided by tulips, a separate instruction sheet which gives very precise road directions, and indicate the sections where answers should appear.

So, here comes the questions. Feel free to attempt the answers ... I'll publish them in a separate entry on a later date. Leave a comment, or if you feel paiseh, you can also email me at mozillamonster [at] gmail [dot] com.

  1. A peranakan turned into a Swedish singing group.
  2. Prescription using tea leaves?
  3. First Singapore Air Force before uncertain arrival.
  4. 12" makes a shot that can be styled here.
  5. Hair stylist popular in the past, still found at this place.
  6. Money found next to place with plenty of water.
  7. As EMAS change to gold probably the answer will be clear.
  8. Power protester.
  9. Cover with plenty of oil.
  10. Something that shines, but here not at night.
  11. Staple food that turns into a light weapon used by Luke Skywalker.
  12. Steady Honda model.
  13. Straits Settlement male and female in food business.
  14. Al, a local brain hidden before success.
  15. A warrior's small business.
  16. Cops shelter.
  17. Education institution for male metal?
  18. PM's weight?
  19. Find the company that has ray in time.
  20. Shocking company ran by dignitary?
  21. A favorite for vehical can be cleaned here.
  22. 'W' needed for classy well known German car.
  23. It all happens in China in two years time.
  24. Nevada town for getting together.
  25. This town's flower.
  26. Building with broken ATM.
  27. Silver dressing.
  28. Make a record with a short road at the end.
  29. Where troubled airline vehicle does clean up?
  30. A concern dealing with moments to chat.
  31. A shark's breakfast outlet?
  32. Some ear problems can make men sad.
  33. Dough from backward European Union made here.
  34. Scandal in Nixon era?
  35. "Ragnarok Online" clearly seen on this board.
Wokay, those are the questions, each worth 3 points. Have fun !! Work is going to be swamping me the next few days, maybe you'll have some fun cracking this between this blog entry and the next one ... and please, if you are really serious, get some minyak angin handy.

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