30 March 2006

Random Notes

  • No time to blog in constructive manner. But will blog - because helps me relieve stress. It's like saying out loud my problems. I'll feel better even if I say it to a wall.
  • Still in office. Will be in office even later. Work. Is. My. Cancer. I **HATE** cancer.
  • Not feeling as down as yesterday, but still very, very dejected.
  • World is unfair. Nice people always face problem. Evil dictators get away. **Takes off shoes and hit against picture of evil dictator**
  • Still hate premonition. At least let me have to power to do something about whatever problems I 'feel' ahead of time mah. Then only fair. Letting me get premonitions but not letting me do anything is like giving me a drink but not letting me get drunk. No fair.
  • Too much administrative work makes work BORING **Fills in form #32,465, fills in form #32,466 ... **
  • BORING work makes it impossible to absorb oneself in work and feel better / forget anguish
  • Face is red now - it's your fault angel - why send flying kiss? **Catch flying kiss. Keep in Air-Tight bag to seal in freshness**
  • Face is getting redder now - it's your fault pelf - why send virtual hug?
  • I will add che-cheh's link over the weekend.
  • Suddenly, Australia is not even mentioned. **Crosses off Brisbane To-do list**
  • TQ to all who commented/SMSed/chatted. I feel better. I just need more time.
  • I so look forward to my weekend.
Yes, I know. At least I have weekend to look forward to.


angel said...

*sends more more MORE flying kisses to klcc and postcode area 47100*

i read u... someone has the big-C... *sigh*

do you know that mom is a cancer 'expert'? yeah, she's been doing lotsa reading on the big-C since a few years ago...why? because ppl around her seem to be dropping like flies bcos of C... so now, she's a health freak! :)

anyway, that was off topic...

angel chants let's think positive thoughts...let's think positive thoughts...let's think positive thoughts...let's think positive thoughts...let's think positive thoughts

*ends with more kisses (saliva-less) sent a-flying*

Che-Cheh said...

Have a nice weekend. I'm looking forward to mine as well. My job is too boring...I need to get a life.

And an advance thanks for linking me in your blog. ;)

moz monster said...

angel: There is no big C lah ... I just hate it.

che-cheh: You're welcome. =)

cheng sim said...

hehe. i'll be years till i started working. as always, i appreciate my student life. so carefree. true, world is unfair. nice people finish last. evil dictator finish first. in the case, im the evil dictator! *pick up and throws the shoe back to you*

pelf said...

Wei, so you want Pelf to un-hug you or not?! Kkakaka :)

moz monster said...

cheng sim: evil dictator .... **hurls 100% acme made from skunk stinkbomb @ evil dictator** ... muahahahaha ... actually, nice people finish first. I'm sure of that.

pelf: Oh course NOT =)