14 February 2006

Top Ten Signs You're at a Bad Valentine's Dinner (for her)

OK, it's that day of the year when all manners of lovey-dovey behaviour gets unleashed. Some will find their true love, some will discover their mate's not for them.

The common Valentine's Day routine includes sending/getting gifts and flowers besides the requisite romantic dinner do. More so if it's a weekday like this year's. If it falls on weekends, you can bet some popular resorts will have a sudden surge in bookings.

So, you made up your mind, accepted a dinner invitation with your man / boyfriend. You put on your best working dress, take that extra bit of time with the makeup and the hairbrush in the morning, and you put on extra deodorant - just so you'll be at your best at the dinner.

But things do go wrong, and sometimes, you can end up at a really bad Valentine's dinner. Here now, are top 10 signs you're really at a forgettable Valentine's dinner for a girl:

  1. He brings his whole family with him. And his pet turtle too.
  2. He constantly asks you to help him pick the ticks and mites from his frizzy hair.
  3. He turns up for the date hand-cuffed to a police officer.
  4. Turns out the luxuriously French restaurant he wants to bring you to is really, Delifrance.
  5. Asks you to have a coffee at his place, followed by a romantic nude squat, after dinner.
  6. He starts discussing about your irregular toilet routines ... wait a minute ... how did he know that ??
  7. During the deserts, when you started suggesting places to 'hang out' after dinner, he kept saying "Uh, bad idea, I there might be policemen there."
  8. Turns up at your dinner date wearning a Darth Vader costume.
  9. Your date has a blog and is called Moz Monster.
  10. He's Michael Jackson, and he brought his chimp with him.
Happy Valentine's Day !!! Hope you don't encounter any of these during your date !! And read the him post too =)


Wingz said...

mahai delifrance in french also!!!!! thats where i will be going tonite!!!! dont bash delifrance!!!!

cheng sim said...

its not a bad thing to date a guy with a blog and is called moz monster!

i think it wld be more interesting. how many girls in msia can actually have a raksasa as a candlelight dinner date?

moz monster said...

wingz: wah .. liddat mcdonald's is luxurious western food, hor?

cs: hehe =) i can even toast your bread with my flaming nostrils =)

pelf said...

Wei.. Why MUST his pet be a TURTLE?! Can't it be other animals ah?!

Anyway, Happy V-Day to you! *winks*

moz monster said...

pelf: OK OK ... He brought along his adopted river terrapin. Happy?

Happy Valentine's Day =) ... do write a detailed report on what will conspire tonight ...

pelf said...

The adopted terrapin sounds like a nice "pet". OK. Good.

Detailed report? That wasn't a field trip, you know? :)

moz monster said...

pelf: I thought even going to town is like ... I dunno, how many traffic lights? Anyways, at least you weren't spending it staring out of your office window =)