15 February 2006

My Marie Biscuit Valentine Experience

My Valentine's was spent in the office, having Marie biscuits with Milo. *tsk*

I was supposed to be on a flight to Beijing, but events conspired against me. I didn't get my invitation letter, which was required for my visa. So I was squatting in my office, looking out at the sunset from KLCC, having my pre-dinner snack. Marie biscuit. Milo. *sniff*

The big bosses are here, and I'm flooded with work. Anyways, I don't have anyone special I wanted to ask out. And I don't think I'm on anyone's radar screen too. I think I'm married to my work.

At least I know that most of those lovey dovey couples out there would have been caught in the major jam around town, following the downpour. *Muahahahaha*. KLCC can see everything one =)

Later had A&W with some colleagues. Saw some financially savvy couples having A&W instead of fancy Valentine's Dinner. Respect them la ... no need to affirm their love with elaborate displays of affection. I've always believed that when the love is strong, and unconditional, you really don't need roses, chocolates, soft toys or dinners. You really just need a small squeeze of hand, a moment of eye contact, that hug.

Back to A&W, I simply had onion rings - I know there's dinner waiting for me at home. And that's unconditional love. Years ago, I reminded my mum not to cook dinner for me, that I could be late.

She simply told me she'll always make dinner for me, whether or not I make it home for dinner. Just in case I'm really trapped in a jam. Just in case I only walked out of the office and all the places are closed. Just in case I had dinner but I need supper. Just in case.

That's my true Valentine. My unconditional love.

And last night, I returned home only at 11 p.m., and there, on the dining table, dinner.

Between a Marie biscuit, A&W and my mum's dishes, I think I had a darn good Valentine's Day after all.


pelf said...

Aaawww... Sooo nice :)

Jacky said...

Your mum is very nice :)

moz monster said...

and that's why i love my mum, besides the billion other reasons i have listed down already =)