27 February 2006

Job Of The Week: Erection Engineer

I was looking through the Classifieds in Saturday's The Star when I came across this :

I don't know, do you really wanna be called ... an Erection Engineer? So what do you put on your name card - Erection Engineer?

Successful Job Applicant: "Hey, dad, guess what, I'm now an Erection Engineer !!!"
Dad: "...."

And what's your career path? Erection Manager? VP of Erection? Erection Specialist?

I guess these guys should have just called it Installation Engineer lah ... some names are just not meant to be. If you read the descriptions properly, there are alternate names possible - Installation Engineers, Fittings Engineer, or just plain ol' Engineer.

And what do you tell your aunts and uncles at family weddings, CNY Open Houses, or family gatherings?

Uncle Howard: "Hey, Moz !!! What's this new job I heard you got?"
Moz: "Erm ... erm ... I'm now working as an ...."
Uncle Howard: "Wah ... paiseh somemore ... say la ... "
Moz: "I'm a .... Erection Engineer ..."
Uncle Howard: "wha ....." *rolls on the floor, laughing*

** Post Publish Ideas **

And here was Moz, having a social chat at a party, with his imaginary girlfriend and some mutual friends ...

Friend 1: "Oh, I'm working in logistics line ..."
Friend 2: " Wah, must be interesting. I'm working in accounting line. Quite boring 9 to 5 work"
Friend 3: "That's ok why. I always fly here fly there one. I do IT support for ASEAN region"
Friend 1: "Ok lor. I know some people who research animals in the jungle. So, Moz, what do you do?"
Moz: "I, er ... uhm .... hrm ... I'm into Erections ..."

** End of Post Publish Ideas **

Any applicants?


angel said...


wats the qualification? i bet one of 'em must be - Compulsory -> got BIG D**K, aye? LOLOL!

Che-Cheh said...

wuahahahhahaa u r very funny!

moz monster said...

i'm looking out for a job description for nai-ma ... =)

pelf said...

Hhahah! I saw that too! Was thinking of bloging about it! :)

moz monster said...

angel: u need to adjust ur thoughts
cheh-cheh: i don't know what some ppl think when they advertise
pelf: please do blog, i'd like to read what you have to write about it =)

Jacky said...

I don't want to apply for the job, instead I want to get erected :)

moz monster said...

jacky: i would need to refer you elsewhere for your request =) but do let me know if you got erected successfully, ok ?