07 February 2006

Chinese version of what talk you?

OMG ... I have Chinese readers ... I really don't know if I should be flabbergasted or stumped. Never in even my wildest wet dreams ... and this guy/gal seems to be from NZ too, if my traffic report is to be believed.

I was checking the stats on my Sitemeter when I stumbled across some URLs I don't recognize ... turned out someone had been reading a translated version of what talk you? ... probably in Taiwan.

Translated, 'what talk you?' is read 'Shi Me Tan Hua Ni?' ... and the translations aren't too far off the mark, but do leave some room for improvement.

What was good though, was a me learning that I would need to translate much better if I were to make a Chinese version. The example that really got me laughing on the floor .. my link to Pelf, which I marked as Contagiously Yours, Pelf was translated into ...
傳染性你的, Pelfy
... haha ... it really reads more like Infectious In Nature Your One, Pelfy. Cheng Sim from Banana Speaks should try this link to read her site in Chinese. Seems to work best on blogs hosted on blogger.com and wordpress.com.

You really have to just read it here to understand why it's so darn far-nie. To me anyways. If you're smart, replace the mozillamonster.blogspot.com part in the URL with your own blog's and see what might appear ...


jen said...

try translating it to nother native language!!...
sure farny sial! :P

cheng sim said...

my blog got chinese-fy!
hahaha =)
thanks for the link, my friend.
too bad, im a Banana!
i can't understand a word that i 'technically' wrote.

thanks for the link weh!

moz monster said...

jen: I'm planning a Greek version, so next time people leave comments and say if I'm speaking Greek, I can say: YES. =)

cheng sim: =) ... wanna read your own blog in Mexican? =)

pelf said...

No sh*t! That was bad! I suggest you stick with the English version or else our readers will assume I'm some kind of walking-infectious-person! :)

moz monster said...

pelf: I don't think there's much to it =) ... some Chinese translations are worst. My blog didn't come off much better, really, when translated.