24 February 2006

Visiting Merlion

Hai ... I'm back. I know, I've been away - I was down in Singapore attending a training session. Not really visit Merlion lah ... this time didn't even get to see Merlion.

So what's so nice about my trip? Nothing much lor ... here are the pictures and the stories. If you want more detail, email me and I'll walk thru my training too =) Sure bore you to death one.

Here's what I did ...

Go attend training. 3 days of intensive brainwashing. But got good bribes for participating in classes ... Ghirardelli chocolates =) Needless to say, I was a top participant.

Even got a world clock/alarm clock/calculator with the company logo at the end of the class =)

If only our schools have these sort of rewards =) I would have graduated tops each year.

Met up with Cynthia and Pansy. These are old friend from Spore, whom I haven't met for a while. I try to see them everytime I get down to Spore. Sunny, apparently, has transferred to Europe =( without saying bye to anyone of us. Last met her when she bunked in my place on her Bangkok visit. Bye Sunny. Clear your mail box la ... always flooded one ... =(

Had dinner (really more like finger food), had liquid malt, catching up on the good ol' times. Pansy is between jobs again =(. Cynthia is like, really busy with her work.

The setting for my meet - Boat Quay. Unusually breezy that nite. Pretty Pretty sights.

Introducing Cynthia ... Hi Cynthia. Pansy's pic didn't turn out ok, so I'll update later with another pic.

Our finger food. One was on diet (me), the other thought one needed to be on diet. Good stuff.

My so-called diet. 2 servings of fermented, liquified grain

And no stop in Spore is a stop without having CHILI CRAB !!! Wah ... so sinful !!! Nagasaki-san wanted to have Chili Crab, so we gathered a group of 5 : Nagasaki-san (Japan), George (from HK), Mun Yee + Mag (Spore) and me (Msia), and we went to East Coast Park Seafood Center ... *burp*

I don't think Spore has the best food in the world, but I must say this Chili Crab thing is simply good. No real comparison elsewhere ... but must have either in Jumbo, Red House or Long Beach only.

East Coast Seafood Center

Exhibit A: The sinful Chili Crab

A pretty good trip, really. Nothing really funny to report - study during day, work during night, only interesting time is really the dinners. Nearly didn't make the flight home - my luggage and I was separated by some accident.

Wanna thank Bakshius Maximus for getting the luggage to me.


angel said...

i want the crab!!! i want i wantttt!!!

cheng sim said...

hrm. i dunno why everyone love crabs. i don't eat crab. so hard u break the shell, you only got a little portion of it.

moz monster said...

angel: i can regurgitate my crab. you want? *burp*

cs: take the claw - plenty of meat. these aren't the skinny ones - they have mondo humongous crabs. and i always crack the shells for others coz i quite good at it ... =)