17 February 2006

Guys night out ...

If ever there is a time to celebrate, it was yesterday. Josh got a new car. Moz got the President's Award at work.

So, we took the car for a spin, and ended up in an 'Indian' restaurant. Now I say 'Indian' because we always make the mistake of calling every Mughal, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan restaurant an Indian restaurant. Josh told us it was a good 'Indian' place, so we went along with his plan.

Car test drive crew = Josh (proud car owner), DP (head car test honcho), Anil (discerning Indian food critic), BL (eats anything anyways), Moz (just in for the ride).

From KLCC, the common sense route for a test drive would be to get onto the elevated highway, head towards Ampang and back. So we did that, then we exited to Ulu Klang, and went on to this place called Thaba Village Restaurant.

On the outside, it looks like a nondescript Indian Restaurant. Only its not. Once you get inside the place, it's decorated more like a French place. Don't believe me? Look at the collage above.

One look at the menu, and it was obvious to us that this is a Mughal place. That's more like North India/Pakistani. Anyways, the stuff we ordered was pretty good - Mixed Briyani, White Rice, Prawn Masala, Aloo Ghobi, Buttered Chicken, Mutton Kurma, Aloo Bindi and Naan. Well, all except the Cheese Naan, which looked more like pizza.

Anyways, the place had all these erotic/exotic decor which probably was to remind us we're still in a Mughal restaurant (coz everything else suggests French).

Once dinner was over, we adjourned for drinks at Beach Club. Nothing special to report there. It's still like little Manila, it still feels like I'm in a meat market. Should have went to Zouk, maybe. Couldn't stay late because I had work to do - but at least I started on my liquid diet plan.

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