20 February 2006

When bad turns worse ...

I really don't want to complaint, because I know it's a chicken and egg thing ... everything is relative, and put into perspective, I'm not that worse off. Still, I just wanna rant ....

Work has taken a nasty turn. A seemingly small problem reared its ugly head, and it has now resulted in delay. Arghhhhhhh !!!! Taiwan went off like a textbook - no problems, but Tianjin is now ... well, on hold.

There's a very tight schedule, which allows for very little time to do so much. As it is, I had a very long list of items to do, and now, more got added to it. Longer working hours ... just what I don't need.

Still, every difficult phase in my working life had some silver lining. Speaking to a colleague who had seen it all, she remarked that when I joined I was more like a boy on steroids. Now I'm a bit more like a wannabe sage. I take that as an improvement. =)


OK - enough with that. I need to start taking Gingko Biloba. Really.

I packed my bag yesterday night, and I took with me, my camera's battery charger, a small tripod, the USB cable for the camera. But the camera .... ?

At home. How clever of you, Moz.


On my short flight, I was listening Michael Buble's Home over and over. This was the song that kept playing in my final days in Bangkok. I think I'm just starting to realise that I'm missing home. And how ironic, only now, when I'm actually seeing more of home, I start to realise what I missed.

"Another aeroplane
Another sunny place
I’m lucky I know
But I wanna go home"


angel said...

Let's see how we can help u with feng shui, ok? ;)

Ginko biloba - doesn't work. Use a PDA...or a sexytary ;)

Miss home? Or miss sexytary? LOL!

moz monster said...

Yah ... so, sexytary ... why didn remind me to bring camera. I think I should buy you gingko biloba ... =)