19 February 2006

Out of office reply


Good day, you've now managed to disturb me by sending me another totally unnecessary email.

If you really must know, I'm out of the office. I have access to email, but what makes you think I'll not pretend I DON'T have access to email and reply you?

I'm going for training, so that I'll know how to handle difficult people like you. In fact, my relationship with you IS a case study for the training.

You know what too? While you're at it, maybe you can THINK and solve your own problems instead of whining. Maybe you can CALL the engineers directly and ask them instead of using me. Maybe you can DO SOMETHING for yourself. I can't baby you your entire life.

Don't even think about calling me. With that thing called Caller ID, I rather throw my phone into the sea off Changi than answering your call.

For matters relating to Project A, please contact your own supervisor and tell him how incompetent you are.
For matters relating to Project B, please contact MY supervisor and tell him how lost you are when you can't reach me.
For all other matters, I'll respond to your email at my discretion, time and pace.

Thanks and regards,
Moz Monster


*Sheesh* How I wish I could write out of office / vacation replies like that ...

Off to Spore for 4 days. Blogging will be "at my discretion, time and pace" .... I'll post pictures, that's for sure. But what haven't you already seen in Spore?

Hope to meet up with some old pals there ... I wonder if the Sunny is still around? Last I heard, she asked for transfer to Europe ...

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