06 February 2006


My dear imaginary readers who do pay attention to the look and feel of this blog will realise that some very minor changes have taken place on this blog.

I have decided that my default Blogger skin looked too .... common ... it's like driving a Proton - it's all over the place. If you blog surf like I do, you'd find the same look repeated over and over. I know it looks half decent lah ... but why must you all choose the same template?

The last straw came when I surfed and found a few XXX blogs (not to be confused with XX's blog) using the same layout. Just knew there and then I had to change it, one way or the other.

With my limited Photoshop skills, I'm hoping the end results weren't too bad. It's still only a facelift - it's not a total revamp like I wanted to. However, that will have to wait until my current heavy workload subsides somewhat in a few months' time. This is just to differentiate the blog a bit. It's like a Beng-ified Proton. Its core is still Proton, if you look carefully, signs of Proton-ness is still there.

Once that's done, I hope to revamp the sidebar, add more friendly navigation features and spruce up the site more. I hope to maintain the clean look, but you never know what I will do. Don't even have a blueprint, just have a very rought sketch in my mind.

I welcome comments about this new facelift look. Do you feel like there is a theme or does it look disjointed? What can I do to make this look that bit more pleasing to your eyes? Having a problem with your browser? I've only tested this look and feel with IE 6.1 and also Firefox 1.5.1 - hope they would turn out fine elsewhere ...


pelf said...

Nice!! Nice!! :)

moz monster said...

Thanks. I'm still looking forward to more changes. ;)

Anonymous said...

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