16 February 2006

Top Ten Discarded Valentine Day Cards

I know it's over. Valentine's Day is no more. Until next year, that is. We men stare endlessly at our credit card debt, scouring newspapers for part time jobs. The women, in the meantime, start going to the gym, trying to burn off those chocolate calories.

But, you know, not every Valentine's Day is a successful one. Looking around in dustbins all around the country, here now, are the Top 10 Discarded Valentine's Day Cards:

10. Near a public dustbin in Bukit Aman, this card was found discarded:

(Baby, I love it when you do the Nude Squat)

9. And this one, was found near the lake in Precint 1, Putrajaya:

(Honey, Our Love will stand the test of increased petrol prices)

8.At a Kajang home, this card was dumped almost as soon as it was received:

(Honey, I Love You. But You have to stop lying about mahjong)

7. Seen discarded near the National Cancer Foundation headquarters in KL:

(Darling, Our Love Will Grow If You Just Stop Donating A Billion Bucks Away)

6. This was was discovered by a cleaner near the rubbish chute near the Works Ministry:

(Tiap Tiap Hari Saya Juga Cinta, Tiap Tiap Hari Tol Kutip Juga)

5. This was found is numerous locations all over the country:

(Girl, I go crazy when you change without drawing your curtains)

4. Surprisingly many Recycle Bins on countless PCs across Malaysia had this greeting:

(I go weak in the knees every time I see you ... shower when you forgot to turn off the webcam ...)

3. Many guys were surprised when they found this card on their workdesk from guy colleagues:

(My knight in shining armour ... would you watch Brokeback Mountain with me?)

2. This card was probably best not sent:

(I love you eversince I watched your home video on the Net)

1. At least whoever was sending this card was being honest:

(Darling, I love you forever, but I loved you more when you were 3 sizes smaller)

And that, folks, are the top discarded Valentine Day cards =)

Anyone kena, please ... not my fault lah ... I simply pointing out the ones that most people throw away. If you are receipient, maybe its the thought that matters. But are these really the thoughts you want?

If you have been sending these cards to your loved ones ... what were you thinking?


cheayee said...


just be careful though.....

some are a bit goment-sensitive-issues neh...

moz monster said...

cheayee I hear you, but the intent is to make fun of incidents instead of the goment. Anyways, I think they have better things to do =)

Wingz said...

hahaha funny wei

cheng sim said...

thats SO mean, man!
but love it like always.
when are you gonna stop making fun of Vday weh?

moses said...

HAHAHAHA, very good..

moz monster said...

cs: No more Vday jokes for sometime now. I've been informed most girls are turned off by what I write =(

moses: Thanks for dropping by =)

angel said...

ok, i'm here...so wat u want me to tok?

i say u go try lar write scripts about some "Top Ten" TV series and i edit for u ;)

ps: So you are the one who sent me card no. 5...

moz monster said...

angel: Wei ... I where got send you card no. 5?? I sent you air-con la. And then imported a glacier too =(

Jacky said...

Nice greeting cards. Why nobody send to me one??

moz monster said...

jacky: which one would you like to have? I'll DHL it over to you =)