26 April 2006

Top Ten Things That Should Have Tax Rebates ...

There is spring, summer, autumn and winter. And then there is tax season.

Like much of the seasons elsewhere on earth, it's all different according to where you are. In Bolehland, tax season happens to be about 1 week before the deadline to around the last afternoon before submission deadline. The most intense time happens around 3 days before deadline.

Anyways, enough with our nation of procrastination habits. I'm really sore this year because I didn't get much rebates for my taxes. Reason?

Oh well, apart from me spending nearly all of 2005 in Thailand and the fact that I'm not a very good receipt keeper, I'm also feeling hard done by the limited amount of rebates for people like me who fall in the middle. I'll admit I'm not poor, but I'm not putting myself in the rich bracket as well. The middle class - where most of us probably fall into - are screwed.

Anyways, I'm just indulging in my own little fantasy on items that should have Tax Rebates. Like really lame ones, but ones that would have made be really, really, happy.

  • There should be a rebate for purchase of original CDs, VCDs and DVDs mah. I know it'll still be tempting to buy all those Petaling Street prints, but at least for people like me who support original, there's something in it for me, right?
  • Bloggers like me should be given Streamyx frustration rebate - for all the phone calls, emails, time wasted, broadband wasted, etc. for complaining to Streamyx lah ... and then the garmen should charge the rebates to Streamyx. Then only they will feel padan muka and buck up.
  • Drivers who don't kena saman in the whole year should take a lie detector test to check whether they have given duit Starbucks or not. If they pass (ie haven't paid any duit Starbucks) - then they should get a BIG rebate lah. Call it 'Rebat Anti-Rasuah'
  • And drivers who failed the lie detector test should also get a BIG rebate lah .... and then charge the rebate to the police. Maybe then the duit Starbucks culture would stop. And hehe ... we can call this 'Rebat Anti-Budaya Duit Starbucks'
  • I think we're all entitled to a 'Rebat Jambatan Scenic Terbelangkai' this year ... am I right, folks?
  • Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol SMS Voting Rebates - damn some people I know spent like months' worth of salary voting for their idols, ok? I'm sure folks like Maxis and Digi pay loads and loads of corporate taxes already on all those SMS revenue.
  • There should be a 'Rebat Jem Banjir Kilat' for all people who can prove they work in flash-flood prone areas. I mean, all that time, petrol and damage from the flash flood is paid out of our own pocket, you know.
  • To encourage people to be more mathematically inclined, Borang BE should have a few sudoku puzzles. Solve those Sudoku puzzles - get a 10% rebate on your tax !!!
  • For long suffering consumers of piped water, I propose we all get a rebates for all the water filter systems we have to buy on our own.
  • Early Bird Rebate for all those who submit the forms at least 2 days before the deadline - break the last minute rush culture !!


Inevitable said...

Good shiat man!!

Che-Cheh said...

hai..if only

moz monster said...

inevitable: Thanks. I'm really pinning against all odds I'll get some sort of Streamyx Frustration Rebate.

che-cheh: I thought you're getting plenty of rebates already? :P