20 April 2006

Streamyx? Still In Progress

A TM technician called me about my Streamyx problem this morning ...

Technician: Mr. Moz, my name is Technician, I'm calling from Telekom.
Mr. Moz: Good morning.
Technician: Yah, good morning. Your problem ah ... how long since you have your problem?
Mr. Moz: I had it since 1 April. In fact, it's 2 days before that ... so I think I had a problem since 29 March.
Technician: OK. I will solve your problem today la ... Are you at home? What time I can go to your house?
Mr. Moz: Err ... I'm not home, I'm working. But my mother should be around in the afternoon after 2.30 ...
Technician: Ok lah. I will solve your problem today la ...

I'm hoping it will be true. I need to get Streamyx back in working order.

Here's a chronicle of my Streamyx problems ...

March 29 - Suddenly lost connection while browsing. Decided to call it a night and look into the day after.
March 30 - Still no Internet. Can connect, can ping, just can't browse anywhere. Went over all my own equipment to make sure it's not my own equipment's problem.
April 1 - Opened case #1258641 with TM Net. Informed that they will take maybe 24-48 hours to solve it.
April 2 - Held my tongue. Decided not to call TM Net and wait out the '48' hours and give them all the time to solve it.
April 3 - Called TM Net, informed that 48 hours doesn't include Sunday, since technician doesn't work Sundays. Asked to be really patient.
April 4 - Still In Progress
April 5 - Still In Progress
April 6 - Don't want to hear Still In Progress anymore - thrown my first tantrum.
April 7 - Officially informed that there's a Slow Browsing problem in Klang Valley and my area is affected. I have a sinking feeling all the cases are chucked aside and considered 'Slow Browsing' problems. But a duty manager promised to help me and follow up problem till the end.
April 8 - Slow Browsing problem still.
April 9 - No more patience. Thought I would shout at agent if I called, so did not call.
April 10 - Duty Manager still no call. Case Still In Progress. Slow Browsing Still in my area.
April 11 - Public Holiday. Duty Manager still no call. Moz complained officially to TM Net.
April 12 - Complaints officer called me. Still Slow Browsing. Case Still In Progress. Moz still angry. Moz getting VERY angry.
April 13 - Give up. One last complaint and I was still told that I would need to wait. TM Net very good at wearing people down.
April 14 - Still In Progress. Complaints officer still don't know what is happening.
April 15 - Working. But in office. Should have been working at home via Streamyx.
April 16 - Working. At home. But still no Streamyx - so no email and Internal server access. I soooOOooOOooO hate Streamyx.
April 17 - Didn't bother to check if Streamyx was up or not. Worked from home via dial up.
April 18 - Craps. Complaints officer told me to check - problem should have been resolved. Went home only to find the DSL light wasn't even on. Complained again to TM Net.
April 19 - Still In Progress. Waiting for technician update. Complaints officer not working.
April 20 - ..... the saga continues. Duty manager never called. Complaints officer not doing job. Technician call only after 20 days. Streamyx is soOOOOoooOOoOOo good - I'm proud to be a subscriber. I'll spread the word around ...

Sigh ... sometimes, you just give up. Even if the offer me a rebate, I'm not sure if it's enough to cover all the phone bill I'm chalking up to call them to find out the status. I must have spent close to 3 hours the last 2-3 weeks listening to the IVR announcement already.


Che-Cheh said...

Hey better send this post to all the news publisher in msia. Let's humiliate them.

Dragon City said...

yeah...send to The Star. Although i was a Malaysian...but local stuff was never good...

angel said...

just now on TV3's midnite news, i saw a slide saying if anyone has any complaints, can write to josephine@tv3.com.my ;)

moz monster said...

TQ guys .. I'm glad to say that it's been back !!! My Streamyx is now ALIVE again.