11 April 2006

Random Notes Again. Streamyx Down Again.

There is no more breath. I totally lost my stamina …. my totally crap and unreliable Streamyx is still down … maybe I should just keep a countdown timer to remind myself how long it has been down. I’m losing count. I may need to start using my toes to keep track.

So that’s how they do it … they wear you down with their daily show of incompetence and tidak apa attitude. I haven’t met the guys who work in the Call Center yet, but I’m sure their face skin must be so thick it’s all skin and no brains.

Streamyx is such a shame to Malaysia. Can I motion to the government to pour in all the RM 4.4 billion and then some more to help TM Net improve their broadband infrastructure? After all, if Streamyx fails, all that will happen is either we get no broadband altogether, or the government will use our EPF money to pay another monopoly to do it all over again. Sigh.


I may have handed in my resignation letter today, but no one’s told me whether it’s accepted or not. Is it because no one is empowered to do so or is it because they are still checking with HR why I’m still on payroll? Maybe they thought I just turned up everyday on my own free will without accepting any pay for the work I render. No wonder I’m not bothered by my big bosses – I’m probably like that RM 1 that fell down into the gap behind the sofa – too small a lost to worry about, and too much trouble to dig out too. Hmmm ...

But my boss was nice enough to leave the door open for my return anytime in the future. Let's hope I don't have to use that card.


I took one long big lungful of clean, forest reserve air and then shouted at the top of my voice towards the construction workers near my house.

It was around 10:30 pm and I was enjoying my Discovery Channel program when suddenly, the rumble in the jungle begun.

There’s a construction site diagonally opposite from where I lived. Some new double storey terrace houses were being built. And when you get that, there’s obviously the foreign workers who build them staying in the same area.

It’s bad enough they brought the mosquitos with them, and stray dogs and stray cats. It’s barely tolerable that they sometimes play the funkiest dangdut music on Sunday morning to best wake me up on my one day of rest. I appreciate their good work enough to not do much but live with that.

But at 10:30 pm with drumbeats so loud my glass of water was vibrating? I had it.


The music went on for another 30 seconds and have died down since.

Thanks guys. When in Bandar Kinrara, watch out for Moz. Shut up and sleep if you have nothing else to do.


Anyone care to volunteer advise to me on how to actually fix my Streamyx problem?

Success will be handsomely rewarded.


Che-Cheh said...

Hang on there dude!

moz monster said...

che-cheh: I've decided today to cancel my TM Net subscription and get a rebate.

I've prepared my papers too just in case they won't allow the rebate - to bring the case up to the Small Claims Tribunal.

I want my actions to speak louder than words, and hopefully enough of us people will make TM Net hurt where it matters most and do something.

My complaints finally reached the complaints department, but I'm told that I would have to wait at least a few more days for problem rectification.

It's 14 days and counting. I'm even embarassed to blog about this anymore - I sound like a broken DVD or something ...

Che-Cheh said...

I think you will have to wait for 30days :-P

moz monster said...

che-cheh: I have lowered my expectations. If they solve it before I retire and collect my paltry EPF kitty, I'll throw a majlis kesyukuran!!