17 April 2006

Top Ten Perks of Working From Home ...

You know, one thing I might miss from this job is the fact that I get to work from home if I have to or need to.

On the good side, I sometimes get to stay home on Monday if I worked over the weekend, and do the work from home. On the other hand, it's also because I can work from home that I got to work on the weekend in the first place. It's such a damn paradox. But it's nice, and it's sometimes a good way to release some stress. And stay away from the office during times when it's pretty inaccessible.

So, what's so nice, you ask me, about working at home? Here, don't take it from me. See the Top Ten Perks of Working From Home ...

  • Have you ever worked in your sleeping clothes before?
  • For my tea break, I had a nice cuppa tea while soaking in my salt bath.
  • I might be telling my boss I'm working on the proposal, but what I'm really doing is reading Rojaks !!
  • Instead of gossiping at the pantry, I've been gossiping with the vegetable seller today.
  • The project review conference call was conducted from the comfort of my toilet.
  • I finished a few sudoku puzzles while "working out a problem" if you get what I mean ..
  • I was watching WWE while having a home cooked meal for lunch. Try beat that.
  • When I'm short of inspiration in the office, I walk to the pantry and make a drink. When I'm short of inspiration at home, I walk to the bar and make a drink. =)
  • Hungry? Mum will make you a nice bowl of hot noodles. **High 5 with Mum**
  • You get to nap on your own bed !! How cool is that ??!!


pelf said...

I brought J Sudoku puzzles too, when he was hospitalized. And when he was busy with the puzzles, I slept in his bed..

Those puzzles were definitely better than getting him to read a "How to keep an idiot busy" book, kakakkak..

angel said...

work in sleeping clothes?? what for? u know wat i'm gonna say nxt, rite? why wear any baju when u can...... ei, save laundry work, ok! lol!

moz monster said...

pelf: Sudoku's are a fine way to pass time. But I'd rather be out there instead .... **uwaaaaa !!! I want my life back !!!**

angel: I admire your dedication to saving the environment and to reduce laundry costs. But I think there are somethings I just don't do.

Che-Cheh said...

Ahh i always dream that I work from home...

moz monster said...

che-cheh: DON'T. Once your boss knows you can work from home, what's your excuse not to work in the middle of the night on Saturday??