05 April 2006

Ode to Streamyx

Once upon a chaotic time in Bolehland
There lived Moz, a regular Joe like you
He needed to have Internet Broadband
He signed up Streamyx for a year or two

First week with Streamyx was a heartache
The modem didn't work, there were no lights
Called up the hotline, spoke to an ape
A whole week passed with no end in sight

A millenium passed, the problem got fixed
Moz finally got the broadband Internet working
This stupid little thing called Streamyx
Moz prays nightly to keep the damn thing going

And then one day it all stopped again
The connection was good but packets were dropping
Moz tore his hair, his mind went insane
Streamyx is down Internet again not working

Again he called the hotline to complain
Only to be told the whole world's suffering
Something's happening so everybody's pained
Technicians are strained, please stop a-callin'

** Streamyx Streamyx hit a brick wall
Streamyx Streamyx not a-working at all
All the world's technicians
And All the world's men
Couldn't put Streamyx back working again ....

** Last paragraph --> chant it like you're doing Humpty Dumpty ...


angel said...


Steamyx makes Moz become so poetic

sends flying huggies & kissies to poor mozzie

Jacky said...

You are facing the same problem like mine. So, now using dialup ah? :)

moz monster said...

angel: Streamyx ... not Steamyx. YOu can say I'm now loaded with poetic ammo against the TMNet lousy service provider.

jacky: No, I'm using the office LAN - doing this from whatever time I can squeeze during my working hours. Actually, I deliberately NOT use my dialup - coz I'm on TMNet dialup, so I end up paying twice for stupid, lousy service.

angel said...

Streamyx makes u "steam", so, it's Steamyx, my dear :D) u'd think that I (of all ppl) would get my spellings wrong? ;)

BTW, do u know that both your "steam" postings hv got links @ Suanie's? ;)

Loong said...

There was once a company called TM Net,
Whose service was so atrocious that people fret,
The denizens complained,
And blogged with disdain,
And hoped the company would go into debt.

moz monster said...

angel: OK OK Steamyx. OK.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... Moz is hitting the bright lights ... Moz featured on Suanie's !!!!

TMNet told me yesterday,
Access tarak but still have to pay,
And here's what Moz had to say,
I have TM shares I also your towkay !!!

Sheeeeesh ... I (^*& hate TM Net. I do.

Wu, CanRou said...

LOL. Another way off post about Streamyx... I know I have that same state of mind when I post mine. :D

moz monster said...

wu, canrou: Yeah, I know. Streamyx sucks. It's around 20 days now and still no closer to closure.

Technical Assistance said...

What's your internet speed like? I know there are not very uncommon tweaks to get more out of your broadband.:)
Do registry tweaks e.g.:modem IRQ changed to 4096 in MSINFO.
BTW unlike the name suggests, I give good help ;) not like TMNut technical help.

Anonymous said...

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