07 April 2006

Streamyx Oh Streamyx

Streamyx down since last Thursday night. You’ll notice a general lack of quality blogs since roughly about that time too.

I took a long, cold shower before I started writing this blog. Now, before anyone asks for directions to the KLCC shower room, let me assure you there is no such place. KLCC office tower doesn’t have any shower facilities. You’re supposed to be squeaky clean when you go and work there and there isn’t supposed to be any companies there engaging in activities that would make you feel dirty enough you want to shower before you leave.

I’m on leave. That's why I can take a long, cold shower. Goong was supposed to be visiting me today from Thailand, and I took a few days’ leave to be able host her.

But a supposed Aussie trip that hasn’t (and probably wouldn’t) materialize doomed that. That’s what my company is good at – NOT planning.

But enough about me. I’m here to just say I’m still having Streamyx problems, which meant I couldn’t really blog. I’m typing this on MS Word and will later transfer this down to my blog.

If you call 1300-88-9515 everyday for the last one week, you’d notice that Streamyx might as well close office. They have connectivity and slow browsing problems in Sabah and Sarawak, Klang Valley including TTDI, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Puchong, Kepong, etc. I’m hoping some minister’s son would be affected by this outage. Maybe then something would happen.

If I were a company with problems like that, I’d probably be putting newspaper ads all over apologizing. Or at least inform poor people like me via mass media that something had happened and will be looked into.

But this is Bolehland, where admitting guilt or fault is probably blasphemous in the first place.

I spoke to 2 agents and a supervisor from the TM Net call center yesterday (I won’t call it a Customer Interaction Center if all I can do is complaint without getting any help or service). And guess what?

The only 2 ways to complaint to TM Net is via the call center or by writing an email to customer service. I can’t escalate a problem beyond that.

And I know from experience that the email escalation DOESN’T work. I still like phone calls because there’s nothing like giving them some real time heat.

This is utter crap. If my MP doesn’t do his work, I have the mobile number for my Menteri Besar. I don’t think he would magically work something out for me if I were to call him, but at least I know there’s somewhere for me to escalate to. Or at least try to escalate to.

People, should I write to the mass media? Does it make a difference? Must I get a nosey TV3 reporter on my story? Or write up a storm on the The Star?

This is another crappy piece of work by TM Net. I'm ashamed to be a share holder. Who wants to buy my shares. I pay you to buy it from me.


Che-Cheh said...

Since you're a shareholder, why not accumulate your stake to 51% and then make the difference! All Hail Mozzy!!!

I think you should ask the Edisi Siasat team to do the investigation.

angel said...

Goong? Tom Yum Goong?

Did u watch the movie?


So, did u lose it again today? You still kenot connect or...? Mine so far okay worr...and we are like less than, what, 5kms apart?


cheng sim said...

easy. blog about it at The Star's citizen blog. if you made it, you get a RM5O. haha. my Streamyx is done for awhile too. the speed are slower now.

pelf said...

I almost cried yesterday when the pictures I needed to send out just didn't want to get sent out! AARRGGHH..

(But now everything is settled, hehehe) *happy face*

moz monster said...

che-chehIf I can buy 51% of TM shares ... you should address me as Tan Sri =) And with the powers bestowed upon me, I would make many of my readers Datuks and Datuk Sris ...

angelGoong is a Thai nickname of a friend's. Goong really means shrimp in Thai, but as far as this friend is concerned, the Goong her means Lobster (more expensive, she says).


Matikan Streamyx demi Negara.

cheng simI probably just would. If this is the US of A, I'd be contacting my lawyers, who'd be licking their chops getting ready to file class action suit against TM Net.

pelfCongrats. I think KT and East Coast is not effected because of lower subscriber density. It appears that they have run out of ports in certain areas - keep recruiting but not upgrading their equipment.