18 April 2006

Top Ten Reasons I Wanted To Work in IT

I just had some time between a splitting migrane and a drug induced snooze yesterday to give some thought on my career so far. You know, with all this resignation on this stuff and with all the little things that have happened since, it has not been the easiest time for me this past week.

I was trying to search my past for clues on why I ended up where I am currently. It's like, why didn't I get become a fireman, a sailor or something else, maybe a race car driver. I mean, when I was around 3 years old, I kept thinking that a fireman is the coolest thing ever possible to be. Whatever happened to that?

Or when I was watching Knight Rider I wanted to drive a talking car and save the world from destruction by all these wicked bad people.

So, I really had to search quite deep into my old diaries and had some conversations with mu parents to uncover better some of those decisions I've made which set me on this course.

Anyways, this is really meant to be funny, they're not my real reasons for getting into IT, but here's the funnies Top Ten Reasons I Wanted To Work in IT...

  • I really love long, unrealistic and hard working hours.
  • I really have no idea how I'll spend my weekends if I'm not working.
  • The data server room sounded like a place full of live and action at that time.
  • I thought I would look really good in unifor ... opps ... that's my fireman fantasy.
  • I had a funny, nagging feeling then that the world would be taken over by computers, so I wanted to be in the right industry. When computers take over the world, they'll need people like me to give them TLC, right?
  • You think I wanted to be in IT? It was the only course that would have taken me in, that's why.
  • If you get to be senior enough, you can work for TM Net, and then disable subscriber like Moz's Streamyx and re-enabling it at your pleasure.
  • They told me the pay would be better in IT. Yeah, right.
  • I had a choice of being an Investment Banker and an IT support personnel. At that time, it sounded sexier to be an IT support personnel.
  • I thought I would be surrounded by chicks when I work in IT !! ** Of course I'm wrong about this !!! **


Jacky said...

Way to go, you have chosen the most glamorous profession on earth!

Che-Cheh said...

Wuahahaha good one. I can understand coz I'm from IT too.

moz monster said...

jacky: Most glamorous NOT !! I still harbor hopes that one day I shall be a fireman !!! I think I look sexy in an orange color suit.

che-cheh: Yeah. I still wonder why some people want to be in the IT industry .

Jacky said...

Chicks like IT people, don't they?

Che-Cheh said...

If I can choose again I don't want to be in IT....hahahaha no lengchai la

moz monster said...

jacky: Refer to che-che's comments.

che-cheh: Refer to jacky's comments.

=) ;)

The lesson learnt? Don't join any career line because you think you'd meet lengchais or lengluis.