05 April 2006

Streamyx: The Saga Continues

Is it me? Or is it TMnet? Everytime I have a Streamyx problem, they have to turn it into something of a Biblical proportion.

I have a Streamyx problem now. I can get connected to Streamyx. All my lights work. All my connections are good. All my settings are correct. I bypassed the splitter. I actually swapped my DSL modem with my neighbour (he has a storeroom full of those). And Streamyx still don't work.

If I try to access my blog, it takes a good 6-8 minutes before I get a Time Out message from my browser. So I reported to Streamyx.

Guess what? Nothing happened so far. My problem is still there.

The agent I spoke to over the phone yesterday night told me that it's "Still In Progress" .... how about that?

WHAT (%^*&^$ status update is that?

I expect to be told that the technician had done this, done that, tried this, tried that, tinkered with this, tweaked that and it still doesn't work, so it's Work In Progress. That would have made me happier - the fact that something is happening.

It's all about communication, isn't it? That's what I would have done - make sure I tell the aggrieved party (in this case - ME) that the techies aren't sitting idle watching WWE RAW in their quarters while you tear you hair because your Internet is DOWN.

Still In Progress doesn't tell me anything. It tells me my problem is now past the due KPI provided to me and it's nowhere close to being resolved. And no, you DON"T have a FUCKING clue how you're inconveniencing me.

My Internet is not for pure browsing pleasure. It's my gateway to working from home. With the advances in telecommunications, I can access my email and internal websites from home. And yes, with the IP Softphone, I actually can use my office extension from home too. But even with all those, I need my DAMN Internet connectivity. It's not funny when it's down for 6 days.

So I prodded my agent more. So there's a bigger problem in Puchong.

So many subscribers in Puchong face my problem. There's a failure of something big in Puchong, that's why my problem is not attended to immediately.

FUCK OFF !!! It's precisely because many people are facing the same problem that you should SOLVE IT IMMEDIATELY. When many people face the same problem - you should be working your ass off resolving that instead. What are you doing 6 days into the problem and saying it's Still In Progress???

Try working in a duopoly or in a multi choice environment. Try having a few options to just TMnet. Try giving Moz a choice.

I'll switch to your competitor in a heartbeat. I will. And you'll solve my problem in the same heartbeat - because otherwise you'll lose 'em all. 2 time already I've faced week-long down times in my short 4 months' subscription. What kind of KPI do they keep? Are they happy to just have the damn thing running in the first place?

For all the advances we've made as a nation, our mentality for poor service, which I attribute to our tidak apa attitude is the one thing that hasn't really change from the past. I'm sure my grandparents, if alive today, would instantly recognise and realise they're in Malaysia still - because they're still facing the same damn attitude.

TMnet - you are USELESS to the core. You don't know what is customer service. You're surviving today because I don't have a choice.

If you looked at mobile phone, where users have a choice, you'd notice you're NOT in #1 position. We would pay more, and we would pay for the quality. It's not saying the other options are doing such a great job anyways, but at least they do it better than YOU.

I have nothing nice to say about TMnet Streamyx. If you found this blog entry from a search engine and you're trying to get some opinion about Streamyx, here's your answer - TMnet Streamyx is a waste of your good money and time. Go get Jaring broadband. If you're a corporation, get something from Time or other vendors.


Che-Cheh said...

Why don't you change to Jaring Broadband ?

ellone said...

Yes - Streamyx suckx.
I had the same problem. I can connect to the internet but it takes more than 10 min for me to access to a webpage. I called 'em (cust service) for 5 times, only then, they are willing to send a "case"/"report" for me. One of 'em even asked me to switch off my Anti-Virus as it'll make the connection slow ...what kind of explaination is this ??!

My connection is better now. But it still takes alot of time to download things........ I am too lazy to complain anymore as it won't help. Chaging to Jaring next month.

weng said...

they promise a response time of 48 WORKING hours ... that will actually translate to 6 WORKING days ... oh, and they don't work on saturdays and sundays ...

Anonymous said...

since when TMNet runs a mobile communication network? ;)

moz monster said...

che-cheh: That's a very tempting proposition ... I might just do that, although I know I probably would end up getting the same service level - just to spite TMNet.

ellone: Streamyx SUCKS big time. I managed to convince them to open a ticket on my first call, but what difference did that make? I still have the same problem.

weng: 48 working hours ... yeah ... if you take away lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea, it's about 6 hours daily, which means around 8 days.

anonymous: Good point. TM runs the mobile communication network, but it's all in the family isn't it? Still uses the TM branding. Still provide the same lousy service. Thank goodness that monopoly is no more !!